There’s No Stopping Stephen Colbert! THE Late Show Returns With Full Audiences On June 14th

Published on May 24, 2021

The news we’ve been waiting for is finally here: The Late Show will resume taping in front of a full studio audience at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday, June 14th! No one captured the excitement of this historic moment better than New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, who said today, “there’s no stopping New York, there’s no stopping Stephen Colbert!” If you are vaccinated and would like to join us in person for a taping of The Late Show, visit this page for ticketing information: #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • J Lee 3 years ago

    How does Rand Paul still have a medical license?

  • Henry Grey 3 years ago

    Damn I preferred the Covid format…

  • Alpenjodler1 3 years ago

    “You must suck at yoga then” would have had me on the floor 😀

  • Manish Sabu 3 years ago

    You do realize that June 14th is Donald Trump’s birthday.

  • Aakash Rajaraman 3 years ago

    “namaste” just means hello. It’s not a mantra or a motto or anything. it’s not even related to yoga. it just means hello.

  • Taurusus 3 years ago

    … Think you can maybe do a digital exclusive episode maybe once a week at least, back in the closet?

  • Day 18,300 and counting 3 years ago

    Cut all ties with white Russia and freeze all assets, ban all US citizens and business operation between the two nations and demand that NATO nations do the same. See how long they can handle it.

  • John Xu 3 years ago

    Back to -normalcy- normality!

  • AMT 3 years ago

    Yeehah!! (but, if you can’t – it’s ok if you leave things as they are)

  • Danny 3 years ago

    Alabama is now hindu? Lol

  • jester si 3 years ago

    My eyes are watering and me cheeks hurts ;P

  • Jayme Ann 3 years ago

    I’m going to miss Evie laughing

  • Forever Prime 3 years ago

    Christians are scared of yoga because they’re scared of people conversions to Hinduism? Do religious people get more, and more scared of everything?


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