“There’s No Character, It’s Just Me” – Eugene Levy on Not Acting in “The Reluctant Traveler”

Published on February 23, 2023

Celebrated character actor Eugene Levy talks about the challenges of playing his true self. Check out Eugene’s new show, “The Reluctant Traveler,” premiering this Friday on AppleTV+.
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  • JazzRadioFfm 9 months ago

    i saw the thumbnail and thought: john oliver, again? and why is he wearing disguise eyebrows?

  • Absar. Kahn. 9 months ago

    First. A like for Stiffler.

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Love how Stephen snuck in a TV no-no while discussing what he can and can’t do on tv.

  • SaRosa85 9 months ago

    Yes, Mr. Levy!! Is “Our Schitt is the real Schitt” on a t-shirt somewhere?

  • Dallas Nyberg 9 months ago

    Two series I would love to see return … Schitt’$ Creek and Corner gas

  • Tsar Fox 9 months ago

    I’m glad they took advantage of the Schitt loophole.

  • Matt G 9 months ago

    I remember as a young kid, asking my father, who was a very deeply religious man…”why is shit a bad word, but poo is not a bad word?” “Poo and shit are literally the same exact thing, but one of those words offends Jesus”? Here in 2023, I hope we can get all this shit sorted out. It’s tired and old. Poo-poo on all this crap about CBS and curse words.

  • alwaysuseless 9 months ago

    It’s hilarious to see all the Shitt$ popping up on the screen. Good, ole no-bad-word CBS. You can hUNT for what the C stands for, ITCH to know about the B, and may HIT on the S.

  • Yuriel Cundangan 9 months ago

    gotta love Him. he’s got Guts its nice too see someone stick on his own value

  • Yuriel Cundangan 9 months ago

    Biden deserves a Nationwide PROTEST


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