The World Is United Against ISIS, So What Do We Do?



  • Jack Folan 4 years ago

    how’s the fight with Taliban and Al Qaeda going? do they still not control
    territory? who knows what will emerge if IS is gone…

    also the old hat forgot to mention US is also trying to dominate in west
    Asia along with the regional players…

  • Jesus Rivera 4 years ago

    that could be colberts dad

  • AFCSoldier 4 years ago

    Oil wars

  • MegaFunnymonkey123 4 years ago

    Let’s give them guns!… Oh wait, that’s how this started

  • Dark Hiroshima 4 years ago

    War, war never changes

  • Maino1 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Several
    hundreds of thousands and take many years? IS is concentrated in Eastern
    Syria and Western Iraq. They ostensibly occupy two major cities in Raqqah
    and Mosul. We have capable, albeit under-utilised local partners in the
    Kurds, and the Russians have recently became involved by bolstering the
    Assad forces. There is no reason why this should take several hundred
    thousand Western troops on the ground.

    The initial war in Afghanistan – i.e. taking the country involved
    relatively small involvement from Western ground forces – special forces
    operating with the Northern Alliance under the cover of US air power. There
    isn’t any reason why that model couldn’t be applied in Iraq and Syria. The
    challenge then comes in how you hold the territory and make the politics
    work. But the defeat of IS really should not be all that complicated.

  • Arin Kulshi 4 years ago

    worth it just for the holiday inn joke

  • Tom Baxter 4 years ago

    Iran does have troops on the ground and they are being killed.

  • Klaus Noergaard 4 years ago

    Yeah, like war is the answer. How the hell did he think all that hate come
    from in a the beginning? It will only make it worse. The bombings in Europe
    will continue because the islam psychos live there.

  • Mazin Alzadjali 4 years ago

    *every country expect the USA because you made isis

  • What Is This? 4 years ago

    Learn the art of fighting without fighting.

  • Jake Marsing 4 years ago

    There’s a propaganda war that has to be raised as well. Al-Baghdadi
    declared himself Caliph of a non-existent caliphate on his own. That’s
    about as illegitimate as it gets. You have to get that message out to young
    people in the region. Who is he to declare himself the ruler of the Muslim
    world? Paint him as a crazy man, spread that message across the region
    (particularly to young poor men) and you have a chance to turn the tide and
    slow ISIL’s intense recruiting effort.

  • starlinguk 4 years ago

    There are people in the region who do it. Kurdish forces. They’re doing a
    great job.

  • Zed Flanders 4 years ago

    Sadaam was a supporter of pan arabism and so was gaddafhi. The US and
    Europe are protecting the Arabian oil fields from being nationalized or
    controlled by people who will not allow them access to that oil. Sadaam
    fucked up when he invaded Kuwait and Bush 1 got the green light to fight
    Sadaam but the American people stopped Bush 1 from invading Iraq which he
    wanted to do to take out Sadaam and damage the pan Arab movement which
    could have taken the Saudis out of power which could cut off the US and
    Europe’s supply of oil. Bush 2 needed an excuse to Invade Iraq but to start
    that war would be too obvious so he had the saudis hire osama to recruit
    some fools to blow up the twin towers so he could use that to fear monger
    the US citizens into starting a war in a muslim country. Once the ball was
    rolling Bush 2 invaded Iraq no one batted an eyelash and now flash forward
    to today. The US and Europe have taken out 7 muslim countries governments
    and destabilized the people. Why? So that the Oil can be accessed. ISIS
    sells a ton of cheap oil to countries who in turn smuggle that into Europe
    and the US. The fighting factions in Libya sell oil for cheap and same
    thing, some of that ends up in Europe and America. On the other side of
    things is Iran and Russia, whos economies depend on oil exportation. The
    reason Russia and Iran want to gain control in the region is to install
    leaders who will not give Western Europe and the US access to that oil or
    make them charge the US and Europe and the world more for that oil. So
    Russia and Iran can sell more oil for more money. Just the fact that the
    oil is being sold cheaply regardless of what country it is sold to it still
    hurts the Russian and Iranian oil sales. So even if the US and Western
    Europe pull out of the middle east completely Iran and Russia will move in
    and rape everything and they will be fighting the Saudis directly. Now I
    agree the Saudis are not the best people in the world but the Arabian
    people should decide to keep them or remove them from power not Europe
    Russia Iran or the US. Basically the Arabian peole are being held hostage
    and forced to fight each other by the entire world for the oil that lies
    under the land they live on.

  • cyrus r 4 years ago

    This guy is a moron

  • DEMONX212 4 years ago

    ISIS won’t be stopped cause we, americans, are making sure they are well in
    stock of weaponry. Why do you think that every time someone asks a
    politician or military personal ’what are we going to do about ISIS?’ they
    all turn the cheek and say its not our problem to deal with when secretly
    it is. And WE ALL should know now, if the 5th amendment goes away here…
    they will get ISIS here to do the something going on in Paris.

  • King Tut 4 years ago

    Typical, let the West give these Syrian rebels weapons, destabilize Syria
    even more, destabilize Libya even more with airstrikes AND destabilize
    Iraq. And then in the end, well, let the muslim countries deal with if they
    want to proof islam is not evil………………

  • Cy Cooper 4 years ago

    Jacobs saying the same thing as other American military veterans with
    experience in the Middle East: the region is essentially a giant civil war
    that only attacks Western countries when they try to intervene. Stop
    wasting taxpayer dollars fighting an unwinnable war: it wastes resources,
    empowers neoconservative agendas, and increases the likelihood of terrorism
    in Western countries.

  • hakim amalou 4 years ago

    hundreds of thousands ? the fear mongering already started then ..

  • Yoeri Jonker 4 years ago

    Wow.. Stephen got dark there for a second.

  • jeff4justice 4 years ago

    American government can’t even rid our nation of gangs, drug cartels,
    mentally ill mass shooters, corrupt cops, and while it’s like the TV show
    Gotham here the 2-party system charade insists it can world police every
    where else.

  • Nima B 4 years ago

    Iran is already fighting ISIS on the ground, If you want to Stop ISIS, stop
    their funds from Persian Gulf Countries AND Saudi’s. SIMPLE AS THAT!

  • Hurrrrrrrrrrly 4 years ago

    colbert should ask why isis drives in usa supplied brand new cars.

  • LetsBeClear 4 years ago

    Best line of the show :
    Steven: “well is there any good news, colonel?”
    Colonel: “i stayed at the holiday in last night?”
    Steven: **SMH**

  • Alejandro Mujica 4 years ago

    When did the eHarmony guy get into politics?

  • ‫ملك التسبير‬‎ 4 years ago

    Isis is made by the Fucking #usofshit

  • Sleepydog 4 years ago

    Ignore what happened, let it be. Whatever you do and your tool is violence
    you will only cause more violence. Burning refugee camps will only plant
    hate. Just stop it. Let it be. Not taking action is also an action.

  • No Mauvaise Foi 4 years ago

    soldiers aren’t the answer. U.S. in Iraq created ISIS to begin with. We
    need a different type of solution.

  • Sufi Soul 4 years ago

    Coded talk for:

    Invade Syria and take out Assad under the guise of fighting ISIS …who we

    Iraq 2.0

  • Matthew Matheny 4 years ago

    It’s Simple, we send the batman

  • melischang 4 years ago

    God, I love Colbert.

  • Seth Hydra 4 years ago

    One thing I’d like to point out regarding the regional powers in the middle
    east, the major countries aren’t doing much because they don’t want to.
    Most people don’t realise that countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and
    the other GCC countries have their hands full with Al-Qaeda, ISIS and
    insurgency in Yemen, which recently claimed the lives of young soldiers
    from the UAE.
    In addition, compared to likes of the USA, Russia or even UK, their armed
    forces pale in comparison.

  • FacePlant1324 4 years ago

    ISIS will start world war three one them self.

  • cavalrycome 4 years ago

    2:17 I never thought I’d hear a Colbert audience clapping at talk of
    killing people, enemy or not.

  • schonwiederkuchen 4 years ago

    Absolutly senseless – to destabelize Syria in first place wasn’t the best

  • Racist Bassist 4 years ago

    End support of Saudi Arabia, strengthen ties with the Persians and Russia,
    get the fuck out of Iraq, help the Kurds where possible, maybe do some
    precise SEAL attacks on high value targets, destroy ISIS’s oil fields and
    support non-radical refugees. If you invade, they’ll slip into the desert
    and global terror will reach its peak. Education and mindfulness will
    destroy these bronze age zealots.

  • Racist Bassist 4 years ago

    An invasion will be the worst thing to do.

  • John Colon 4 years ago

    ONG he is the real life Colonel Campbell from MGS

  • Auli Khoironi 4 years ago

    No mention of russia in this interview.

  • leo37ok 4 years ago

    Ok, you can tell that this guy is full of shit

  • Mayara Sales 4 years ago

    USA and the entire world should stop buying oil from Middle East. Fox News
    said ISIS is making up 50 million dollars a month from oil sales to Western
    countries. It’s time to snuff out ISIS’s financial resources. May God
    protect us from those evil terrorists.

  • tEh kEEpEr 4 years ago

    It’s too late. Just sit back and watch what happens in the EU.

  • Dahajda 4 years ago

    You could bomb the oilfields to cut ISIS’ cash flow, but you guys wouldn’t
    do that would you.

  • SA7AR SARAMA 4 years ago

    the us and the west were not genuine when they claimed to bring democracy
    and manipulated the region for they’re interests only and ignored the
    people who needed them…..almost every Arab country in the area has
    leadership to benefit the us and the west and hated by the population.
    unfortunately things going to get worse before anything good happens.

  • Michael W 4 years ago

    The U.S. needs to stop buying oil and funding these Middle eastern
    oppressive governments who won’t lift a finger to clean up their terrorist
    neighbors. Quit supporting the Saudis, buy a Prius.

  • Bite Size History 4 years ago

    this guy seems like a real jingoistic bastard. If you hear someone saying
    that our enemy wants to end the world and die that means they’re trying to
    dehumanize them which makes us feel better about ourselves when we
    slaughter them. Do those with ISIS deserve death? Maybe, but we can’t
    forget that they are human beings and killing human beings has real and
    moral consequences.

  • Sami F. S. 4 years ago

    Hey, I’m Iraqi and I’m typing this from my home in Baghdad. I salute this
    man, he just gets it! That’s exactly what ISIL is and that’s the only way
    to take them out and make sure that terrorist groups like that don’t emerge
    again, he also seems to get Iran and Saudi Arabia. As for the oil, because
    I know that that will be a controversial subject, I actually wish that
    American investors had taken hold of it because as time went by, it appears
    that countries like the Netherlands do nothing in terms of protecting their
    “interests” in the region, if America had taken hold of that oil, ISIL
    would have been curbed before it gained the enormous strength which it has
    now, and it’s not like they weren’t gonna pay a hefty amount of cash in
    exchange for that oil.

  • Amy Kazama 4 years ago

    This is so strange. The amount of focus France is getting is great, but why
    only now and to this scale? It’s everywhere, and even Facebook put up that
    option of using the French flag to put on your profile picture. And
    countless places in the world have these kinds of things happening, but
    people only talk about it. For some reason, this all sounds so fishy. Are
    people giving this so much attention only now to make it acceptable to
    start a world war?

  • Dara Marc Sasmaz 4 years ago

    I am from Europe… and when I see a guy like this talking like that I
    believe that sadly a significant part of the US is still living in the
    medieval ages.

  • FoolsGil 4 years ago

    I guess nuclear war is off the table…they say in school you’d need alot
    of resources, money, and years to get the japanese to surrender without the

  • Jacob Bla 4 years ago

    If we put forces on the ground I could already imagine them taking
    Americans hostage and it being broadcast to the world.

  • Kleavers 4 years ago

    DON’T SEND TROOPS!!! Send in some special forces or something but for the
    love of God no large scale armed forces.

  • Will Mou 4 years ago

    one of the most logical and realistic point of view I have ever heard yet!

  • edward hickey 4 years ago

    so lets sends thousands of kids over there to be killed by roadside bombs
    and snipers. Seems like a well thought out plan or just use drones and put
    high rewards on their leaders. I like Black ops 2 but when I die seconds
    after entering the map it makes me think imagine this really happened to me
    over oil, religion, terrorism and greedy politicians making deals to sell
    over priced tech, yes screw war and no more of kids to the meat grinder

  • Tim McQuaid 4 years ago


  • Aero Windwalker 4 years ago

    Accept refugees into our country. Educate them, and educate their
    off-springs. And have these new multi-cultures American find the best
    solutions for Middle East. Same solutions go for North Korea, China, and
    any other repressive regimes.

  • NostalgicRoe 4 years ago

    This is why a guy like Colbert is great for late night. He can have a
    serious conversation and be comedic at the same time. Fallon and Kimmel
    would have no clue how to interact with the Colonel.

  • Frank Boyce 4 years ago

    First off, I have a great deal of respect for Col Jacobs
    accomplishments…However, he is no longer in the military and has not been
    since 1987 so I’m not really sure what qualifies him to be an expert on a
    course of action against IS. Several 100’s of thousands of troops and 2
    decades? That’s insanity. Anyone that knows about how successful our
    strategy was in Iraq knows that we need to develop new counter-insurgency
    techniques. Having the Army drive around aimlessly looking for bad guys
    isn’t really the way to win the war.

  • zakaria dinar 4 years ago

    bullshit they want everybody to be scared from ISIS in the same time ISIS
    are just some idiot thirsty for power just like the US and europe

  • babybree175 4 years ago


  • Robert Evans 4 years ago

    Pitiful! Old men on both sides encouraging young men and women to do their
    fighting for them. The old mullahs on one side and the old politicians and
    generals on the other. The time has come for our youth to think for
    themselves and stop fighting old men’s wars. We need to engage on a global
    war against ignorance through education to achieve a society or people who
    can think critically.

  • William Ross 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why no one strafes anymore. Aren’t bullets way cheaper
    than bombs? Seriously. The bombs they drop these days cost a million bucks
    a pop. Oh wait, that’s money for bomb manufacturers…

  • LUPIN THE THIRD 4 years ago

    He sounds lika like a celebrity but I can’t remember.

  • Jock James 4 years ago

    the military industrial complex wins again. people are idiots to keep
    believing this shit. go to war for along time. Isis attacks US after Obama
    brings refugees into New Orleans. our rights and liberties are taking away.

  • Nuance6 4 years ago


  • Aaron Horrell 4 years ago

    Uhhhhh Iran IS doing stuff about ISIS

  • Artour Tsvetnitsky 4 years ago

    usa foreign policies created all this terrorism. now they dont know what to

  • Gaming-saiyan 4 years ago

    Isis ? Ha what a joke , the nations could make ally’s and end isis in 5
    mins . Remember hitler ? That man is god compared to isis , WAKE up world .

  • Happiness Bunny 4 years ago

    Should’ve asked about the innocent people. They’ll die being bombed

  • stiimuli 4 years ago

    That punchline from the colonel was quite unexpected. Well done sir =)

  • HaloLore-PokemonGen5-Master 4 years ago

    2:36 So let’s upgrade. Stop dropping standard conventionals.

    Show this scourge that we can only be pushed so far. Make an example of
    them. Either deploy FACs, MOABs/FOABs, or introduce them to Mr. Oppenheimer
    and his can of instant sunlight.

  • Misgin Khosho 4 years ago

    I hate muslims. It does not exist a “Allah”.

  • Paul “Turtles” G. 4 years ago

    It seems to me like the conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims has evolved
    into a sort of Cold War in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia and Iran
    being analogous to the US and USSR. I mean, both have funded insurgencies
    against each other without engaging in direct conflict, both refuse to
    cooperate on issues that without such cooperation will annihilate them
    both, and they’ve been engaging in an arms race against the other.
    Thankfully though, this one is not nuclear, yet.

  • djdiox 4 years ago

    Colonel Jacobs’s commentary is the only logical one I’ve heard on TV since
    the Paris attacks. I like this colonel. He needs to be on more shows, esp.
    cable news.

  • VoltageTHD 4 years ago

    Just radioactive the shit out of them already!

  • Sunny Panwar 4 years ago

    First time i have seen Colbert so serious!!!!

  • Katherine Cook 4 years ago

    Deash not ISIS

  • Medication102 4 years ago

    Despotic despot is a bit redundant.

  • Matthew Christopher Yeomans 4 years ago

    The Great Tribulation begins soon, then Christ judges humanity in 2022.
    Watch my video. I’m The Grim Reaper. I know what I’m talking about. Submit
    to the Word of God if you want to live.

  • Bar0n970 4 years ago

    1:28 and Russia…

  • Mark Marsh 4 years ago

    Stephen Colbert has SOLD HIS SOUL to the CBS Zionist Media Conglomerate and
    the Lies It Sells. Promoting “hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground
    in Syria,” to “fight” ISIS after America and Israel CREATED ISIS has
    NOTHING to do with reality. It is a desperate Zionist Effort to keep The
    Greater Israel Project alive by continuing to sabotage Syria’s legitimately
    elected Gov’t.. How much is Lesly Moonves paying you Stephen, you filthy
    disgusting WHORE.

  • cortster12 4 years ago

    So, do we have to wait for the, unlikely, chance that ISIS will get a nuke
    and nuke someone before we crush them? All it takes is one organized attack
    against a poorly guarded nuclear silo, and they have their nuke. It will be
    almost impossible for them to actually get it to fire, but I bet their is
    at least one smart person in ISIS among the religious freaks.

  • sasan n 4 years ago

    Convince the damn saudi arabia and Qatar to stop supporting daesh. Problem

  • Billy Bowden 4 years ago

    To those guys who claim, all Muslims are inherently doing this, I would
    say, why aren’t Shiites or Sufis doing this crap? It’s only Sunnis who this
    stuff. My advice to the US and the Western world is that you must
    strengthen support for both Shiites and sufis, otherwise, you’re going to
    get much worse attacks.
    BTW I don’t like Iran either, but they are actually the ones who have boots
    on the ground.

  • TBoess85 4 years ago

    It seems to me that, like with many conflicts in the Middle East, America’s
    best weapon is to win the hearts and minds of the people. Killing them only
    makes the dead martyrs and the living more willing to fight back. The U.S.
    has a perfect opportunity to win favor through good PR if they would accept
    as many Syrian refugees as they could just like Germany. Of course, an
    extremely strict background check would be necessary. If the U.S. can show
    that they truly value the lives of good Syrian citizens, it makes it a lot
    harder for ISIS to demonize them.

  • abolesmal 4 years ago

    0:54 Stephen are you kidding me right now??!!? Iran is the only country if
    not in the world but in the region who send ground troops to Iraq and Syria
    to fight ISIS!! they had lots of casualties already!!! all other country in
    the “REGION” are just adding fuel to the fire..!! if it wasn’t because of
    Iran and Russia and local people of Iraq and Syria, the whole middle east
    would have been ISIS territory right now !!!

  • Benny Wong 4 years ago

    So what do we do? *We fuck up ISIS and wreck them!*

  • kindness 4 years ago

    The US WILLFULLY created isis to weaken the region and to redraw the maps
    into smaller states so that there wouldn’t be a real threat to isreal in
    the region and to take over the abundant oil. I’m getting really annoyed of
    US politicians acting like there isn’t a thousand political analysts behind
    every US government action

  • Pill Box 4 years ago

    Nuke ISIS and all the terrorists

  • kevythekevlar 4 years ago

    I know it sucks, and people don’t like and want to ignore it, but we really
    do need lots of troops there for this

  • khalid mohd 4 years ago

    ISIL is not a fucking power force it’s an ideology a thinking focus on
    changing that .because if you even become a heartless monster with no idea
    what being human means and nuke the whole mideast it’s not gonna change a

  • braddles63 4 years ago

    Of course a retired military officer thinks boots on the ground is the

  • 2xkiller 4 years ago

    WE don’t have to put any boots on the ground. The surrounding nations, who
    are the most directly affected by Isis, has a standing active duty military
    force of nearly 4 million. Isis has what 30-40 thousand? Doesn’t seem like
    much of a problem if the world was serious about solving the it.

  • Andrew Nigsian 4 years ago

    For ISIS to remain ISIS they have to be the government of the region they
    control. As long as they’re being bombed they will never be in absolute
    control and achieve their ends. From then on it’s a matter of time before
    they lose credibility and are pushed underground and become another Al

  • Cyberphobe 4 years ago

    “You’re not gonna be able to do it by dropping conventional bombs on
    people.” Well, I guess that means it’s time to dust off the old WMD’s and
    blow every ISIS controlled city, town, and village off the face of the

  • Nate U 4 years ago

    The world is hardly united against isis, once you understand that you’ll
    know just how hopeless the whole situation is. Occupying foreign territory
    is no walk in the park, and doing so always seems to causes unrest. Hell
    these comments are probably going to be a mix of conspiracy theorists,
    Zionist bullcrap, and the usually garbage your used to dealing with on this
    fucking open forum we call the internet. Unity is just not possible.

  • Ringo Brat 4 years ago

    I blame George ‘Asshole’ Bush for all the terrors that are happening for
    the last decade. he started all these in Middle East by himself and now
    most clowns (with high gov positions) in the US are following his footsteps
    even though they deny doing so.
    honestly, why is there no one killing Bush by now? I thought the Americans
    hate him as well?

  • Warrior Son 4 years ago

    The US knew VERY well that destroying all the existant power structures in
    the middle east would cause chaos. Don’t be fooled by their “this was
    totally unforseen” bullshit.

    Things are actually STILL going exactly according to plan. These people are
    interested in money power and influence…and they are getting more of that
    each day.


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