The Women’s March and the Government Shutdown: A Closer Look

Published on January 22, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at how the one-year anniversary of the president’s inauguration was marked by nationwide protests and a government shutdown that ended today despite Trump doing as little as possible to resolve it.

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  • Genesis Santamaria 3 years ago

    ❤️ Seth

  • Hannah Hopkins 3 years ago

    It hasn’t been that long but I’ve missed Seth

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early, a black man was the President.

  • Heracross X 3 years ago

    One whole year has passed under DJ Trumpster, and on the anniversary of his inauguration, the government shuts down.

    I think that’s symbolic of something.

  • Alex Kerr 3 years ago

    Luv u seth

  • Press Hearty 3 years ago

    *Greetings from Germany <3*

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights 3 years ago

    Wow, what an insane way to start off season two of “The Trump Presidency”

  • aprilwearsgucci 3 years ago

    So in 2013 Trump said Obama was to blame for the government shutdown. Now it happened on his watch with the Republicans having both the house and Senate but Trump want to blame the democrats? Trump talking out both sides of his ass.

  • aprilwearsgucci 3 years ago

    Stormy Daniels was on the other end of the line.

  • sharon olsen 3 years ago

    Watching Seth do the Closer look is like a much needed shot in the arm against the evil trumpvirus …. !

  • Izzy SoDope 3 years ago

    I had never even HEARD of ivanka trump before her dad was elected but damn she fine

  • Okay So 3 years ago

    Nova Scotian here; Yeah, our town’s are pretty tiny. Our capital city’s also pretty dinky. But we’re second in most bars per capita, next to St. Johns. Come over, have a drink with us some time.

  • no14sure 3 years ago

    Classic Trump roasting Trump. I’m not even American but what a huge embarrassment he is, just to the human race in general

  • CheeseReaper22 3 years ago

    That lil toddler gives a better signature than Trump does

  • Tyg Rahof 3 years ago

    Is Trump a deal maker? No, obviously.

  • Avenger 3 years ago

    “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.” – Donald Trump.

    “[The President]’s complaints about Republicans stopping his agenda are BS since he had full control for two years. He can never take responsibility.” – Donald Trump.

    “FACT – the reason why Americans have to worry about a government shutdown is because [the President] refuses to pass a budget.” – Donald Trump.

    According to Donald Trump, the president is responsible for the shutdown. Surely he will do what’s right and take full responsibility… /s.


    [edit: these are all tweets you can find on his twitter. I’m honestly surprised nobody scrubbed his twitter account]

  • the_dead_poet 3 years ago

    _”I will run the government, like I run my business”_

    One of the 4 true statements, ever spoken by the Orangutan.

  • Jason Blade 3 years ago

    Massive demonstration, dumb government shutdown, GOP infighting and a failing admin….. while he was golfing in Mar A Lago. Smh at trump.

  • psycold 3 years ago

    Can you imagine how fucked we would be if Trump had taken office in 2008 after a financial crisis rather than after the economy had been repaired and he just gets to reap the rewards and pretend it was his doing?

  • Toad Jiang 3 years ago

    I know government shutdowns, I have the best, most tremendous government shutdown you’ve ever seen, believe me! – Trump


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