The Woke Wars: Jordan Klepper Previews His Trip to Hungary | The Daily Show

Published on April 19, 2022

Jordan Klepper heads to Hungary to discuss the American slide towards authoritarianism, the public shredding of LGBTQ+ books, and the raging “woke wars.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper: Hungary for Democracy premieres April 21 at 11:30 ET/PT on Comedy Central and will be available on Paramount+, The Daily Show’s YouTube Channel,, Comedy Central Apps and VOD starting April 22. #DailyShow




  • Lynne Barrett 2 years ago

    Wait–I thought a “SNOWFLAKE” was a liberal in ‘merikkka…

  • Jayson Mangalino 2 years ago

    I love that because CEU was transferred “over the Danube”, they played Strauss II’ The Beautiful Danube waltz


    welcome to christof&sc*st rule FLA….somebody is imposing their religious delusions on you….whatcha gonna do about it FLA? ya gonna let the f&sc*sts win? or are ya gonna do like every other american does & handle the situation properly yourself, f&sc*st ron isn’t waiting for you to decide….he’s deciding FOR YOU.

  • Jakub Lizon 2 years ago

    You can really see it on Jordan’s face just how much the last 5 years have scarred him. He doesn’t really laugh or smile anymore. He just seems… Horrified and depressed. But hey, he keeps on grinding. Respect.

  • Creative24 2 years ago

    Hey those streets look clean AF. And safe. No tents and drug addicts wandering around like in liberal run cities in the US.

  • Rose Marie Barrientos 2 years ago

    More Jordan, please! Everywhere we look, the world is a disgusting can of worms. Except the Daily Show, of course.

  • Atomic Investments 2 years ago

    Why are you picking on Hungary? I think you have enough to keep you busy in the US. You don’t need to single out Hungary.

  • Jeanne 54 2 years ago

    Aha! This is who the GOP are mimicking (besides Trump). Tucker Carlson spends a lot of time in Hungary.

  • Cecilia Richter 2 years ago

    Let’s not kid ourselves: Democracy is in the fight of it’s existence all over the world right now. And the enemies are singular power-hungry people with Napoleon-complexes and young men searching for a cause to fight.

  • Dave Phillips 2 years ago

    Red states already experience brain drain, this just excellerates it.

  • Bargoth Dragon 2 years ago

    I’d walk to Vienna for a plant-based chicken sandwich right about now.
    Well, maybe not actually “walk”…maybe take a train or scooter.

  • Dana White 2 years ago

    Anyone know the title of the deer book? It looks adorable

  • Not Mephisto 2 years ago

    Awake.. not woke. So it’s come full circle now. You took our term, made it a derogatory term, and now basically come up with something that essentially means the same thing we were trying to express in the first place. Way to go conservatives. Let’s keep playing the word game until no words have any meaning at all.

  • Ema Arredondo 2 years ago

    Have you thought about talking yourself to Trumpists and do a Klepper on them? I don’t think you can bring those people back to reality, ever, or at least on time for the midterms and next presidential election. But you can outnumber them. Have you realized how many people don’t vote? Just because they don’t care? Those millions of people are the target. Don’t waste your time with Trumpists, but get three open minded friends who don’t vote and show them these Kleeper videos. Tell them to show the videos to three friends of them. Tell them it is voting or living in Idiocracy for real. Or allowing America to become a super-sized Hungary.


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