The White House Got Rid Of A Bad Man (No, Not Trump)

Published on February 9, 2018

White House spokesman Raj Shah made a rare concession that Trump’s team ‘could have done better’ dealing with accused domestic abuser Rob Porter.

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  • Toad Jiang 2 weeks ago

    The MSM used to praise John Kelly as the only adult in the WH, now it seems he is a teenager at best.

  • ejsshrink 2 weeks ago

    1) The White House Got Rid of a Bad Man
    2) Quincy Jones Dishes

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 weeks ago

    The stock market soaring was all because of President Trump, but now the stock market slide is all because of Obama! – Sean Hannity

    The stock market plunging is a Deep State conspiracy to discredit our beloved President Trump, we should round these traitors up and put them all in jail. – Alex Jones

  • Alternative Spicer 2 weeks ago

    So now we tune into Big Brother for political news ?
    What’s next? The bachelor covering economics and DWTS covering criminal news?

  • aishx 2 weeks ago

    Rhodes Scholar full of integrity, honor & beater of women

  • fidorover 2 weeks ago

    *_The White House — 7.44 am — Presidential Bedroom_*
    TRUMP: …and I wanna drive a big red fire truck at the front of my big military parade, and I wanna honk the horn and blast the siren all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue.
    ASSISTANT: Absolutely, sir. I’ll alert the Pentagon.
    TRUMP: And Brad, I wanna name the parade “Make the World Poop Its Pants Again.” Get it? Cuz of all the big, scary weapons?
    ASSISTANT: Brilliant, sir.
    TRUMP: And I want the parade to feature that super scary weapon… the one so scary it even gives _me_ the night terrors.
    ASSISTANT: Ooh, the Tomahawk missile?
    TRUMP: No, Melania’s icy stare. _(his body shakes uncontrollably)_ Yeesh, just the thought gives me the willies.
    ASSISTANT: Okay, I’ll check with her staff about availability. I think they may have disconnected their phones or fled the premises or something… always a busy signal. In the meantime, can I get you some more Fruit Loops?
    TRUMP: Ya know, Brad, I feel like the Fruit Loops thing is sorta played out. Let’s switch to Lucky Charms till 10 am, then bring the hard stuff.
    ASSISTANT: Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries?
    TRUMP: Exactly. I like the roof of my mouth bloody when I switch over to CNN and MSNBC — gets me fired up.
    ASSISTANT: Got it. Now, are you gonna change out of your jammies today, or just hang out in bed, or…?
    TRUMP: Hope Hicks bought me this onesie with the big dump trucks on it that I’m kinda lovin’ at the moment, so I’m gonna rock this till suppertime. Can’t believe it came in a size to fit a 279-pound boy like myself.
    ASSISTANT: You mean 239 pounds, right?
    TRUMP: Just between you and me, Brad, the doc shaved off 40 cuz I’m giving him a deal on a condo in Boca.
    ASSISTANT: Oh, that’s nice of you.
    TRUMP: Spoiler alert: the condo has black mold issues. He’ll be dead in three years, tops.
    ASSISTANT: Okay, well, as I try to erase _that_ tidbit from my memory, do you wanna stay on Fox & Friends or do you want me to switch over to cartoons?
    TRUMP: Okay, now tell me the difference again?

  • Jeremiah Stark 2 weeks ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. The White House Got Rid Of A Bad Man (No, Not Trump)
    2. Quincy Jones Dishes On JFK, MJ, And POTUS

  • Blue Skies 2 weeks ago

    Ah, yes. Omarosa is Certainly someone I’m going to trust! Even though what she said ( in her 2nd reality tv show acting gig) sounds spot on for this WH.

  • Jason Blade 2 weeks ago

    Hey Kelly, remember when you were reminiscing of a time where women were “hold sacred”?
    I think you meant “scared” or “scarred”.

  • TheCstar07 2 weeks ago

    Trump couldn’t fire him, this is the same president who wants cops to be rough with suspects in custody. To say he thinks a bad temper is a good trait would be the understatement of the century

  • Andrew Clancy 2 weeks ago

    I try to laugh as much as I can before I’m consumed by fire in the upcoming nuclear Armageddon

  • Jack Camino 2 weeks ago

    nothing wrong with cockfighting; President Lincoln was a fan, he used to be a referee.

  • New Message 2 weeks ago

    When are they gonna do something about the real domestic abuse victim in the WH… She’s gotta be bruised black and blue from the neck down, with all the Secret Service tackles when she gets too close to the fence, or traffic, or the rotors of that helicopter.

  • Stratos H D 2 weeks ago

    Click bait !!!! I thought the big orange was already gone !!!!

  • Ry Sun 2 weeks ago

    Omarosa has to be the biggest pretender and opportunitist ever, only surpassed by her former boss

  • kedge 2 weeks ago

    How to get away with murder?

  • kedge 2 weeks ago

    Trump needs some love. Anyone got $130k

  • Mr. Person Humanson 2 weeks ago

    Why would Porter be fired? It’s called family values! Patriotic Christian Family Values.

  • kedge 2 weeks ago

    Market goes down. Thanks obama? xD

  • Andromeda 2 weeks ago

    Celebrity Big Brother only on CBS (Celebrity Big Sister) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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