The White House Blames Fauci | The Daily Show

Published on July 13, 2020

The White House wants you to know that if there’s one man to blame for this pandemic, it’s this guy. #DailyShow #Coronavirus #Fauci



  • Cropindimples 9 months ago

    Is that why we haven’t seen or heard from you Trevor? You are a “suspicious immigrant “? 👀😉.

  • Axd3s H3rn 9 months ago

    Where did Trevor go? I haven’t seen him sit down and talk to us about the news in a minute

  • Luis Costa 9 months ago

    This is a dangerous clip.. too many idiots around that might believe in it… I would remove this. Seriously. Stupidity is contagious. Sarcasm is for the elite.

  • Elo Bela 9 months ago

    Why does Fauci own patent rights on viral proteins of some viruses known to infect humans ???

  • James Robinson 9 months ago

    Someone has to be the one. If they listened to him from the beginning a lot of lives would be and still can be saved.

  • profo ja 9 months ago

    I love when i see a video and im alone and i repeat the joke to myself as if i didn’t just watch it by myself,🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Royal Smith 9 months ago


  • Deborah Blackshear 9 months ago

    This administration is so hateful, if you don’t agree with them they will try to kill your character.

  • Magdalis Almodovar 9 months ago

    This administration has problem with the truth,and since Dr Fauci doesn’t lies or sugar coats it like this administration does for 45,that’s the difference.

  • John Spivey 9 months ago

    Lmao im dead

  • santanias05 9 months ago

    Please hurry and get her out the house

  • Alejandro Gangotena 9 months ago

    am sold

  • Fisch Fillet 9 months ago

    Sorry. Cases rise because test capacity rises… How stupid does the media think we are?
    I used to watch and love trevor noah, but with this coivd scam i had to stop watching him…

  • cornell haley 9 months ago

    There are people who’ll take this so seriously & genuinely convince themselves he’s to blame 😧 the stupidity in this country is at an all time high

  • Deathlok The Demolisher 9 months ago

    I’m sorry, this isn’t funny, mainly because it’ll be Trump’s next move.

  • Mustakim Rahman 9 months ago

    “SUSPICIOUS IMMIGRANTS”, really???? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe Cole 9 months ago

    Wait…. are we not blaming Bill Gates anymore?

  • BaYbOi41510 9 months ago

    Lololol….. Everytime the orange guy gets things wrong he likes to blame someone else

  • Arthur Gumbochuma 9 months ago

    Trevor Noah you are a pathetic leftist you are worth millions and you cry racism .Fauci is evil evil evil…why don’t u come back and invest millions in are an embarrassment

  • david hall 9 months ago

    Mr. Trump made Dr. Fauci the leader of the pandemic response team in a dream once. Then couldn’t remember that Dr. Fauci had no authority to get the country out of the pandemic. So in the mind of Mr. Trump Dr. Fauci failed the country. Just who did fail the Nation? The man with no power or the man with all the power?


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