The White House Attacks the Ambassador to Ukraine



  • .AccessoryAddict. 5 months ago

    “Sir…….this is the Butterball Hotline.”

  • SarahAdra 5 months ago

    Turkey is not invading Syria!

  • Olli Casey 5 months ago

    I kinda wish people would start making less jokes about judging people on their appearance.

  • geno mccgeno 5 months ago

    That “radical unelected bureaucrat” was a trump appointee, and he appears to have been the most honest, moral, and ethical man in the trump administration. An administration that just so happens to have the highest turnover/resignation rate in U.S. history.

  • Francis Gallegos 5 months ago

    Yeah, Mitch McConnell’s a dick. Look at all the foreskin around his neck!

  • will crow 5 months ago

    People ask me all the time “Where is Colorado?” and i tell them “it’s in Texas.” These are good people, the best people, there are good people on both sides.

  • Miss Lana. M. Hudson 5 months ago

    U all forget the man had and still has ZERO EXPERIENCE of being a president and being in the Whitehouse.. he only knows how to be a reality TV person. Plus he’s incapable of learning.. can’t teach dirty old dogs new tricks.

  • Merrilou Neigenfind 5 months ago

    The White House under Trump loves to denigrate veterans…when they are not locking up babies.

  • geekishgirl 5 months ago

    ok that first joke made my day!

  • Nava Shashana Shifah 5 months ago

    All republican congress frauds needs to be investigated. And THat racist rapist they put on the Supreme Court. 500 years of fraud rapes theft and lies catching UP. Its about time!!!

  • freedom1234573 5 months ago

    I love watching white men acting like fools, luckily we have endless examples

  • Mario M 5 months ago

    The white house attacks ?? citizens.

  • VodkaHindJelly 5 months ago

    Burglarizing? You mean _burgling_ ?

  • Mike Hegarty 5 months ago

    Let me guess, all the neighbors moved to the neighborhood to raise their kids close to a school.
    Now their kids are grown up and it’s too noisy.

  • Dan Sanger 5 months ago

    What kind of crappy executive publicly attacks his own employees? Trump does it all the time. And Pompeo just sits there and says nothing, even though Pompeo personally recruited him.

  • Mr O 5 months ago

    WHITE PEOPLE caused all of this they loved Trump when he hosted SNL WHITE WOMEN VOTED HIM IN REMEMBER THAT.

  • D E 5 months ago

    1930 holland indeed…
    nobody wears clogs here…..i

  • Courage Karnga 5 months ago

    Donald Trump: proof that evolution can go backwards.

  • Pure RC 5 months ago

    Didn’t Trump appoint him?


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