The War On Drugs – I Don’t Live Here Anymore



  • Frank Lampe 6 months ago

    Clearly, Adam needs more pedals.

  • kyle griffin 6 months ago

    Late night network productions screw this band everytime and Kimmel needs to be ashamed of himself and so does the network. This bands energy is sucked away by the mixing and you can tell.

  • Richard Fitzwell 6 months ago

    Favorite band. Also please give Dave more credit for his incredible bass skills.

  • Tharpopolis 6 months ago

    God, can’t he ever just sing the song the way he does on the recording?

  • Chris Jones 6 months ago

    There are two deliberate Dylan references in the lyrics (“a creature void of form” and the direct mention) – do you think changing the melody is Adam’s way of adding another?

    I’m not mad into it, hope he sticks to the original melody for the tour. But it’s a long-established Dylan move to play with that so who knows.

  • Margaret Peabody 6 months ago

    Good song, nice band really gelled together.

  • Mark Harding 6 months ago

    Reminds reminds me of my wife’s high school band name, The Dude Rugs…..Apparently someone else is using that now

  • Anthony Aiken 6 months ago

    XTC shirt!! Yes!!

  • Steve Bluesky 6 months ago

    Lucius should just scrap their tour and just join TWOD on theirs.

  • Just_Call_Me_Cooper 6 months ago

    Dudes in a sick band AND married to Krysten Ritter! Guy literally owns the world!

  • Backyard Bike Park 6 months ago

    He should chuck his guitar and storm off stage like he did in Vancouver. ..JK….but it does drive me crazy that he never sings like he records. makes it impossible to sing along at live shows…….

  • Rohan 6 months ago

    best band in the world

    ps: please have Lucius join the band!!!

  • david byerly 6 months ago

    I like that tone on the outro solo

  • Ron Allen 6 months ago

    WTF is Lucius doing back there? What a waste.

  • Drew Palmer 6 months ago

    Love these guys but, Yikes that was rough.

  • Dashiel Alsup 6 months ago

    Lyrics are horrible.

  • Igor Yankilevich 6 months ago

    A very difficult song to play live, and a difficult song to play on late night mainstream tv- still enjoyed it

  • Jorge Ramirez 6 months ago

    Todos se la rifaron menos el güey del sonido. Love you The war on drugs!

  • carefulmoving gmail com 6 months ago

    Good name, too bad they play like they’ve had their boys cut off.

  • Johnny Splendid 6 months ago

    Truly disappointing mixing. Watch the sets they played for NPR’s Tiny Desk and World Café instead.


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