The Viral Cat Spreading All That Misinformation Has Been Found

Published on December 4, 2021

He’s so problematic but also so talented! #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Opus 313 9 months ago

    They might use cute cats to spread misinformation online, but you can always rely on cute penguins to give you the truth!

  • Dragon Girl 9 months ago

    I would have to give my cat CBD OIL to do that to her. Lol

  • King Jive 9 months ago

    That ending was creepy 😀

  • Stephanie 9 months ago

    Well cats are experts in spreading misinformation!
    I haven’t been fed in days! 5 minutes after finishing breakfast. Oh that kitchen paper all over the floor full of scratch marks? That was the dog. We don’t have a dog? Eh he broke on did this and went back home

  • Space Force Commander 9 months ago

    Eric Cartman : “No, kitty! That’s a bad kitty!” 🐈

  • alchemysolgod 9 months ago

    This was so good I had to listen to it a few times.

  • A Vague & Mysterious Name 9 months ago

    Cats are psychopathic serial killers. Of course, they are lying online. They are controlling minds. Just talk to a cat lover and you’ll see the brain-washing. And the cat T-shirt and cat coffee mug, and night slippers, and cat knitting bag, and cat stickers and cat embroidery, etc into madness. It’s a terrorist cult.

  • P H 9 months ago

    The lengths people go to spread bad Info and blame cats for there b.s. The kitty’s deserve better 🐱

  • Chhieng Mengkea 69 9 months ago

    The NYT article is written by dog 🐶🐶🐶

  • moonmoonbirdcpt 9 months ago

    good thing that the cute cats in #TreeOfSavior didn’t spread mininfo 😀

  • Roel Candaele 9 months ago


  • Rocksfir e 9 months ago

    nothing new, channels here on youtube do this same shit.
    cooking channels that are about baking cakes. they have insane voice overs that are all quite disturbing. YT wont take them down though because they are greedy AF and clearly do not care.

  • batgurrl 9 months ago

    That rhyming Ditty and musical kitty was an hilarious cold open that cracked me the hell up – well done.

  • Rebecca 9 months ago

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  • VivianGregory 9 months ago

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