The UK Takes Issue with Trump

Published on December 10, 2015

James chastises Donald Trump for his comment after German Chancellor Angela Merkel was name Time’s Person of the Year before looking at other people and countries who are taking issue with Trump.

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  • Jim Halpert 3 years ago

    Donald trump is an asshole but what the media are doing is egregious,
    making disparaging comments about him and censoring him because they don’t
    agree with his opinions

  • Tom Hallam 3 years ago

    He has such an American style of comedy now. It’s kind of sad to see

  • Felistoteles 3 years ago

    The last German leader who was Time’s Person of the Year was German
    Chancellor Willy Brandt in 1970 and not Hitler.

  • Cam Ward 3 years ago

    How does that squib not know who Colin Creevy is ??

  • Tony Francis Degan 3 years ago

    are people really that blind from reality to see Donald Trump makes sense
    or do people just think doing nothing will protect them or fix things.
    fuckin hell

  • elias winters 3 years ago

    no we in the u.k don’t call him a nightmare we call him a twat but james
    can’t say that lol

  • prestonian23 3 years ago

    Don’t forget out of a population of 60 million 150,000 is a vast minority.
    It’s about time a politician stood up and oppsed this evil ideology, don’t
    think cameron would stand up for his own people and tell the truths?? He’s
    one of many of our politicians in the pockets of middle eastern oil money

  • Muhammad Baker 3 years ago

    Don’t just ban him

    KILL HIM!!

  • Myriam Michael 3 years ago

    I thought he was gonna say “we call Donald trump , twat .”

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    Sure, Trump didn’t win *Time*’s Person of the Year.
    But he did just win *National Geographic*’s Orangutan of the Year.
    Congrats to him and his lovely wife.

  • Caleb Lockwood 3 years ago

    The petition to ban Donald trump has over 414,000 signatures now

  • Jack Black 3 years ago

    The petition now has over 450,000 signatures apparently, which I have
    signed myself. Petitions only need 100,000 signatures to be brought up in
    the House of Commons and discussed by MP’S, but most probably support
    Trump, which is a shame because he’s an absolute tosser.

  • Bente M 3 years ago

    Its not pronounced ankela but Angela like in the office

  • Camila Castilhos 3 years ago

    Do people in the UK or US pronounce “Angela” same way he did?

  • Gob Lok 3 years ago

    well I’m from the UK and trump gets my vote

  • Gazman997 3 years ago

    Vote trump

  • ItsEddy_ 3 years ago

    11 Trump supporters

  • Lela NT 3 years ago

    You shall not enter our country, Satan.
    That’s basically it, we don’t do anything else to dumb and mean people.
    Just don’t come near us pls

  • JD21 3 years ago

    Hilary Clinton would be Dolores Umbridge

  • wairey17 3 years ago

    It’s over 300,000 now ?

  • Ti Co 3 years ago

    is that all people have for Bernie? That he’s gray so he’s old?

  • Yassieannie X 3 years ago

    I signed the petition??

  • ladycavie94 3 years ago

    Yeah buddy! You go James! tell it like it is!!!

  • Areloe Fiezx 3 years ago

    I thought he was going to say, a complete and utter twat.

  • Adam Smith 3 years ago

    “a international outcry, in great Britain” lol


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