The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team Gets Slammed for Over-Celebrating | The Daily Show

Published on June 15, 2019

After the U.S. women’s soccer team is criticized for unsportsmanlike conduct, Desi Lydic defends the team’s right to be as exuberant as they want.



  • Kazu Hosoi 1 month ago

    I Iove You Trevor, but it’s kind of sad you have to defend this. Players can have fun as much as they want at the same time, respecting the other team isn’t hard thing to do. Not like women soccer players never heard of Sportsmanship right?

  • football highlight 1 month ago

    Don’t compare male’s football to female’s football

  • Joe Camillo 1 month ago

    Wow people are dumb who cares they score 13 to 0!!! Congrats

  • Mimi Ebisuya 1 month ago

    Don’t be a sore loser just because the U.S.A. won! Go team USA . Hell yeah!!!!!

  • Matheus Nobre 1 month ago

    I’m Brazilian. In Brazil’s World Cup, we had Brazil 1 x 7 Germany. And honestly I found shitty from Germany not to have scored more. They would have ended the game Germany 82 x 1 Brazil that day if they weren’t worried about hurting Brazilians’ feelings.

  • Rosie Frias 1 month ago

    Daymnnnn 👌🏾

  • Julian Chee 1 month ago

    Do the men’s soccer match get more viewers and profits than the women’s match? If it does then it explains the gender pay gap.

  • man udt. fan 1 month ago

    Has anyone saw 7_1 germany v brazil

  • david ouya 1 month ago

    I think it’s good strategy when you are the defending champion to ruthlesslly beat your first opponent that way everyone else know you are serious about your title defence and should not be fucked with

  • Remon Chowdhury 1 month ago

    Then again no one gives a fuck about women football anyway

  • Naya Tallacagua 1 month ago

    So… celebrating a goal is embarrassing but paying little to the women who represent your country so well is not? Also wtf!? male teams do even more antisports things and nobody care

  • Uhunoma Woghiren 1 month ago

    The people saying that the goals were insensitive need to go get a life, I’m pretty sure the same won’t be said if it was the Male team … this gender discrimination shit is really annoying. US female world cup team, u go ladies most Americans thank you for making us proud.

  • WASD 1 month ago

    well let the women team play vs men, lets see how it goes, also u’re not gonna get equally paid if the viewership is much smaller and the brand deals arent worth as much, do they even have a brain to think how basic economy works?

  • Luis Del Aguila 1 month ago

    Great performance ladies!

  • San Geet 1 month ago

    Their game, they celebrate; none of naysayers’ judgement – just as long they didn’t break laws to win and do not go on and on about it for years to come, in front of anyone and everyone who can’t escape

  • Ryan Wilson 1 month ago

    Git Gud Thailand

  • Eli Andrews 1 month ago

    2:15 😂😂😂

  • AA JK 1 month ago

    The para-Olympia contestants also get paid less then the normal Olympia Sportsmen. You dont see Them complaining either

  • nikhil shetty 1 month ago

    Gender Gap in sports is such a weak argument it doesn’t matter how good the women’s team is compared to the men’s. The truth is Men’s soccer brings in more money in sponsorship and therefore get paid more.

  • John Harrison 1 month ago

    Sports pays according to viewership, talent and struggle.


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