The U.S. & The U.K.: Allies in Chaos | The Daily Show

Published on January 16, 2019

White House economists predict serious fiscal fallout from the ongoing government shutdown, while Brexit embroils the British Parliament in partisan bickering, leaving Prime Minister Theresa May in a political mess.



  • Tamin Fey 1 year ago

    Got my calfresh early… they wanted to send it out before they run out I guess…

  • Wolfboss7 1 year ago

    I for one think Speaker Pelosi has it right, cancel the State of the Union, why? Because we all know Trump is going to lie his ass off at it by opening with “The State of our Union is strong, by the way, have any of you heard about my big election win?” then him rambling on and on while people are suffering.

  • 7rob27 1 year ago

    So the Trump shutdown is as bad as the Trump tariff war?
    Enough with the winning.

  • Asa Coe 1 year ago

    Look up KAKISTOCRACY and tell me it doesn’t fit Trump to a T???

  • Asa Coe 1 year ago

    Drumpf=Fascist KAKISTOCRACY

  • Tobi dios 1 year ago

    is sad that comedy central is better news than fox or cnn

  • patrick watkins 1 year ago

    so why the hell are we risking this over a god damned wall?

  • Charles Mitchell 1 year ago

    Making fun of hand guestures requires non hand gesture movement thus that’s a self burn

  • shot Johnny 1 year ago

    I’m here to buy a wall.
    Sir, you can’t buy a wall.
    Mexico is here to buy a wall… ; )

  • VALMER LYNN 1 year ago

    The conservatives is so happy trump is buying fools McDonald’s… not get a check this week. ??

  • A. Veidt 1 year ago

    Hamberders? Maybe he meant *HAM-BORDERS!?*
    It’s a white nationalist term for a MEXICAN HAM SANDWICH!

  • Joe Riso 1 year ago

    I miss John stewart.

  • Kevin Escobar 1 year ago

    The rich just want to preserve their power, they claim they need more control, we claim their power hungry, but their rich they think their better then everyone, and we’re poor so we think the same, but it’s just not true

  • Gerard's Horticulture Culture 1 year ago

    I hope we are learning from this

  • cuming-soda 1 year ago

    I think u should run 4 office please please please please please please please please please! Love your comedy personally (amm, I know you wasn’t born here buttt! U can pull some hair and there)who agrees with me??

  • _ _Default_ 1 year ago

    5:26 ???

  • Mr. Ubiboy 1 year ago

    Democrats are so evil

  • Andres Zukee 1 year ago

    gooooooollllllll!!!! xDD

  • Emma XTC 1 year ago

    Why can the UK just remain? You know the EU won’t make a deal and leaving without a deal will cause a havoc to the economy. Why not just admit you were wrong, swallow your pride, and sit down?

  • claire bigelow 1 year ago

    finger gun,bouncy ball finger gun draw the blinds bring it home with the accordion…. love Trevor Noah…..


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