The Truth Behind Trump’s Intelligence Test | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on July 24, 2020

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. The truth behind Trump’s intelligence test. Plus, Biden calls Trump “the country’s first racist president,” forgetting a whole bunch of previous presidents. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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  • Srinivas Kandala 6 months ago

    I think other country people are just here for a good laugh, like me. Hehe.

  • Montalbano 6 months ago

    Wikipedia: Dunning Kruger effect. See Donald Trump.
    Trump went just full Trump.
    You never go full Trump !
    Just ask Kirk Lazarus.

  • ioannis I Mansola 6 months ago

    Intelligence test ? To test what ??

  • 곰돌슨 6 months ago

    As a citizen of one of your ally nations(ROK), I am seriously worried about the fact that this guy is out there for another presidential election, and you guys don’t have any other dominant options that are much better than choosing him. I wonder what made today’s US like how it is today.

  • Chrissyce 6 months ago

    Maybe he is bragging about his 2018 test scores because he failed the test in 2020. The republican party would keep it a secret if Trump failed the test. They are all rats on a sinking ship that are hoping Trump is their life preserver. Part of me wants to feel sorry for the brain addled occupant of the white house then I remember what a scumbag he is; he deserves every rotten thing coming his way.

  • David Burgin 6 months ago

    ******Genius Test******
    1: Is an apple an apple?
    2: What is in your pockets?
    3: Did you wake up this morning?
    5: What is question number four?
    6: If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did Peter piper pick?
    7: Is your left shoe on the right foot?
    8: Can you draw a circle in the air anywhere with your finger?
    9: Is fire hot or cold?
    10: If you have a dollar in quarters, how many quarters do you have?
    11: What uses the doggy door?
    12: Is an apple an orange?
    13: What color is an orange?
    14: Remember these numbers for later in this order for extra points; 1 2 3
    15: What is a door knob for?
    16: Can you touch your nose right now?
    17: What street do you live on?
    18: The year is 20…..what?
    19: What were the numbers I asked you to remember? Bonus point for the correct order.
    20: what do your eyes do?
    21: Did you put your clothes on the right way today?
    22: How many legs do snakes have?
    23: If you have two fire trucks, and you give one to Billy, how many fire trucks do You have now?
    24: who do you see in a mirror?
    25: Does a cowboy ride a horsey? Or does the horsey ride the cowboy?
    26: (secret double genius bonus point) What are the numbers I asked you to remember? (Super duper mega members only extra bonus point) And in what order?

    If you get 5 or less you are in a coma.
    6-10 you are a re-animated corpse.
    11-15 Highly likely your built from lego’s and powered by a hamster wheel.
    16-20 You have recovered from a critical head injury. Congratulations.
    21-24 No octopus can beat you in checkers.
    25 genius. Pure and simple
    26+ super genius.

  • LIL JON'S 6 months ago

    He has good memory……he remembered… comb that hair

  • Saravana Kumar 6 months ago

    Hi Trevor

  • Aurora Borialis 6 months ago

    The world : America… Yes we are laughing… I assure you that!

  • John Preciado 6 months ago

    You clowns are funny you bit the red wave and we Mexican are racist that’s why we voting for Trump 2020

  • Masale Lebea 6 months ago

    What does it say about you Americans for voting in this idiot? But then again if America was a person, it would be Trump. They way yall are celebrity orientated is wrong

  • Edward Mercedes 6 months ago

    If you noticed even the doctor was laughing at trump for his stupidity.

  • USugo 6 months ago

    he is the kind of guy thinking he is a genius for acing the “I am not a robot” test to access a website

  • Civil Villain 6 months ago

    Trump is so sheltered he doesn’t realize that millions of people have taken this test or had their loved ones take it, and they all know there’s no shocked doctors calling MIT because of the incredible results…

  • Alejandro Elías Ruiz 6 months ago

    Biden is really not for to be president

  • Garin layla 6 months ago

    Most of his voters would not pass the test, so they think he is really smart, which in some way must be true, otherwise he wouldn’t be president.
    Anyone who ever drove a car will in 60 years be prosecuted for destruction of climate.

  • kyaw aung 6 months ago

    He is a second grader now

  • Elliot alderson 6 months ago

    Trump is the greatest president in the world and I will not wear a mask 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Mike Mack 6 months ago

    AW look honey little Donny went potty!!!

  • Civil Villain 6 months ago

    You can pass that test and still fail it; and if you understand what I mean by that, you’re not Donald Trump.
    If your doctor expresses any amount of shock by your performance during a test to identify onset cognitive decline, even “positive” shock, people that care about you should be concerned.
    All over the world there are doctors walking out of the rooms of people who just passed that (or a similar) test, and they’re thinking to themselves, “They don’t have much longer before they’re going to need around the clock care…”
    Trump’s constant references to his test performance lead me to believe he’s barely hanging on.


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