The Truth About Trump’s “Pocahontas” Slur: The Daily Show

Published on November 28, 2017

Trevor explains why President Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” at a ceremony honoring Native American veterans.

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  • Nick Taylor 7 months ago

    A year later she got DNA tested – she was telling the truth – trump was lying again. This video is wrong.

    Possibly time for a retraction and apology?

  • carla agama 7 months ago

    THE ONLY THING I CAN ASK is why is Noah T. Talking about Senator Warren like she is the one making our country look like shit. Worse things are happening such as the way the orange guy says racist comments and denies climate change. Warren is an excellent senator and DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED OR CALL OUT LIKE THIS.
    I never imagined that Noah would sort of defend the orange guy!
    I’m shocked.
    Anyway #BERNIE2020

  • Jack Navarro 7 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024 Native American. That’s barely a handshake in the gene pool.

  • Roz Johnson 7 months ago

    no he wasnt, he was being racist, he could have called her out without calling her Pocahontas. I can’t believe Trevor tried this bullshit. under no conditions. unless he was talking about a bitch named Pocahontas, should he have been saying that in speecehes, I’m tv, over and over. You disappointed me Trevor with this spin.

  • Paige C 7 months ago

    Maybe go back and correct this now, Trevor. She was telling the truth.

  • Eric Michels 7 months ago

    Can trump spell Pocahontas?

  • Alisha L 7 months ago

    Now we know Liz Cheekbones lied to get a university position. She’s just an old white lady with less Native American ancestry than most white Americans. 😂

  • David Drake 7 months ago

    That broads name is a slur now?

  • Cole World 7 months ago

    ….only the truth is she DOES have Native American blood tho…

  • Johnny Flyover 7 months ago

    I’m about 25% NA. Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Choctaw. We assimilated. I never felt the need to claim a position based on some fraction of my DNA.

    Warren sucks. What a phony. Can’t believe you libtards think that her weak shit is going to resonate.


  • Johnny Clint 7 months ago

    Trump suddenly cares about suppressing their right to vote. WTF, GOP?

  • daveogarf 7 months ago


  • Lahela Jean 7 months ago

    I find it interesting that they’re going in on her like this. If she would have denied indigenous lineage, even with the small percent, racist would be claiming the “1 drop” rule and Native Americans would have denigrated her for hating her heritage.

    😏But carry on…

  • BriefcaseBlues 7 months ago

    Lol, how does o’l Poky look now 10 months later? Funny that she was right, Trump didn’t shut her up, she nuked herself 🤣🤣

  • RAVIN GANGAN 7 months ago

    Trevor noah is Jacob Zuma ‘s retarded son .

  • jean didier ly 7 months ago

    Noah is very stupid hateful reporter what a douche Bag

  • tosius2 7 months ago

    In her cookbook “Pow Wow Chow” she gives a recipe for a crab omelette. As far as crabs are concerned, the only ones native to Oklahoma are little insects. I once laid up with an old whore from Oklahoma who gave me crabs. It was a nightmare trying to get rid of those little son’s of bitches and you damn sure don’t want to see any on an omelette…

  • i gumby 7 months ago

    As a Native American Indian I’m so glad he called that lying beeatch out.Fake and fraudulent as any dem or their supporters in cluding that kangaroo boy on the show there!!!!

  • Jt Voirol 7 months ago

    Hey guys who are calling trump a racist, your wrong. Warren is 1/1024 Native American. Calling warren Pocahontas is a insult to Pocahontas because she is better then warren.

  • Kyle Reed 7 months ago

    Which is more racist..calling someone by a famous native name…or being white and plundering a minority by pretending you’re native American for your own professional gain? Oh


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