The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict: The Daily Show

Published on June 21, 2017

After dashcam footage of Philando Castile’s police shooting is released, Trevor breaks down America’s unconscious bias against African Americans.

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  • Zeke M 3 years ago

    murder. plain and simple.

  • Hunting Demon 3 years ago

    Holy shit. Am i glad that i dont have to live in the USA… Germany is awesome and guess what we do have freedom. and Equality and sometimes we even go out and have a beer or two with the police men. Do that and you’ll be fine simple as that.

  • Shakil 3 years ago

    Why all the other late shows are silent about this?

  • engsoldier21b 3 years ago

    What a coward. Zero control. Firing that many rounds like a scared fucking boy scout with a child in the back. Then screaming like a brat instead of accessing the situation like a professional. Justified or not the cop panicked. You don’t get to panic with a firearm. He has no business with a badge or weapon. Go work at Walmart pussy.

  • Jaundiced Jape 3 years ago

    An officer should rather be killed than to kill an innocent. If you’re not willing to err on the side of of the citizen’s safety, even at your own risk, you have no right accepting the responsibility and benefits of law enforcement. You are to protect and serve first, and preserve yourself second. I would go as far as to say that an officer should not be permitted to shoot first, but must wait until a shot is fired at him (unless it is another citizen being threatened). He accepted this risk when he took the badge; the citizen made no such implicit oath.

  • David Beale 3 years ago

    As an old, white former cop, let me confirm that a small percentage, (in my experience), of white cops Are afraid of black men.
    I almost always found black people to be very polite, respectful and cooperative. I think most white cops do. But the few with fear see cooperation as hiding something.
    Some people are racist and acknowledge it. Some people are prejudiced and don’t know it.
    As in every situation, the few screw-ups ruin the reputation of the whole profession.

  • Nazraq S 3 years ago

    Let’s think about this for a minute. Why would a man sitting in a car with a cop outside the window pull out a gun and shoot with his family in the car? Why would he do that? I can’t think of a single reason why he would.

    He was clearly worried about how the cop would react if he saw the legally owned gun. He did the right thing and told the cop about it because he didn’t want to be murdered for following his constitutional rights. He did everything right, and the cop still murdered him for no reason.

    How he got away with it makes me sick. That jury sucks big bags of shit. Justice wasn’t served. Not even close.

  • Kord Nicholls 3 years ago

    You shot him 8 times and then yell… “Don’t move!!”??? Come on people.

  • Chandrakanth Reddy 3 years ago

    If that pussy ass son of a bitch was so scared, he shouldn’t have been a police in the first place.

  • Chris Collins 3 years ago

    This pisses me off. I come from a community of police officers. My father was a police officer and he, along with all of his other cop buddies, were the most fun loving and wonderful people ever. That’s why I hate this. Yes, of course, cops are always on alert because you never know who you’re stopping, but that is no excuse to be trigger happy. This guy not only MURDERED an innocent man, but he gave a bad name to the community of police who truly protect and serve. RIP Mr. Castile.

  • Ron Swanson 3 years ago

    I’m a white man who supports the second amendment and is a military veteran and honest to God, the second I get pulled over or interact with a police officer, the first thing I think to myself is, “How can I get through this interaction without getting shot and killed?”

    I’m not going to write anything else regarding politics or race because I have my own thoughts and concerns but I don’t want to delve into that with this comment. I just felt compelled for some reason after watching this to openly admit, as transparent as I can, the honest truth that goes through my mind when it happens.

    This has been going on for about the past five years for me. Maybe 7 interactions with cops in that time frame and every time, I legitimately feared for my life and felt I was in some sort of chess match with body language and the cop. Like a man in the woods with an angry bear circling him… trying to figure out how to get away not mauled by it.

  • Cognizant1 3 years ago

    Cop: “Show me ID”
    Castile, WHILE REACHING FOR ID: “I just have to let you know I have a firearm.”
    Cop: “Don’t reach for it.”
    Castile, STILL PRODUCING ID, AS HE WAS TOLD: “I’m not reaching for it.”
    Cop: *Shoots him seven times*

  • Crimis Elevated 3 years ago

    Only in America….the new Third World Country.

  • Kenny W 3 years ago

    I wonder how this story would have ended in court if Castile, a licensed gun carrier, would have pulled his weapon, and fired and killed that cop. And his defense in court was “I was afraid the cop was going to kill me because I was black, and I told him I had a gun”? I’m guessing this story ends, with a lethal injection, after several years in appeals court.

  • AHGlassman 3 years ago

    As a gun owner let me say this . . . the victim was polite, honest, and just because he is black does not mean he cannot legally own a firearm. It is his constitutional right to own one. That cop profiled him, acted irrationally, and committed murder. Simple as that!

  • Bloodrane 3 years ago

    The other officers reaction at 1:02 tells you just how unwarranted this shooting was…

  • Davren Faber 3 years ago

    Explain to me this…

    As an officer you are trained how to handle chaotic situations. You have experience when it comes to calming down a chaotic situation. Regular civilians don’t have any form of training when dealing with chaotic situations. So how are civilians supposed to respond when a gun is held to our faces?

    This man, this father, this BLACK man will no longer be able to raise his family. When you say Black Lives Matter, it gets changed to why not all lives matter? At the end of the day isn’t it black lives being gunned down. Being gunned down by your own, the police, and can’t even receive the right justice. I don’t even live in America, but as a black teen female it really makes me terrified of how humanity has become. Is it every time a black person gets pulled over we get so scared? We think “Wow this might be it. This might be the end…”. Is this the way we must live now? In fear? We are tired of living in fear especially AFRICAN AMERICAN CITIZENS…haven’t we lived in fear so many years. When does it stop?

  • Abigail Rajadurai 3 years ago

    Yet people have the audacity to wonder why people of color are angry. This is why.

  • Fx280 3 years ago

    I honestly hope that pos cop gets shot 4 times for no reason.


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