The Trump Impeachment Trial Could Look A Lot Like The Kavanaugh Hearings

Published on November 1, 2019

While Senate Republicans are pledging to conduct a fair trial should the Trump impeachment reach that chamber, there is reason to suspect Senators may ignore damning testimony and vote to clear the President anyway. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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  • vdiitd 3 years ago

    “Man with built in travel pillow…” ????

  • Javi 3 years ago

    Probably get away with it too just like that rapist.

  • Whitney 3 years ago

    You forgot Jeffrey Epstein on that list of friends.

  • El Sols 3 years ago

    It will head to the senate… where it will die.

  • Justin Z 3 years ago

    Democrats really love stirring up old news.

  • Rebecca Loosemore 3 years ago

    Best. Monologue. Ever!! You’re a comedy genius Master Stephen! Just when i needed a pick me up from the Republican hangover I have!! Well played sir, well played ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️ ?? ??????????????

  • Cesar J Lisboa 3 years ago

    I hope the dear US Senate don’t make me lost the faith in the best Nation on Earth.

  • AJ P 3 years ago

    Thank god our young voters in this country were educated before education was eliminated from education.

  • Swaraj Lokhande 3 years ago

    I almost forgot about Brett

  • Tk Hannibal 3 years ago

    Crooked Rudy will go down for someone who dosen’t care about him hahaa

  • Kojoamoah Archbishop1 3 years ago

    Trump to attend a ufc fight? Where are those right wing pundits who used to criticize Obama for going out for dinner with his wife. Hypocrites! You pieces of shit. Shame on all y’all.

  • markmac 3 years ago

    i can see trump pounding his tiny fists on the table, “i like quid pro quos, boys like them , girls like them, i like kegs full of quid pro quos!” “wanna see my calendars?”

  • Chronic Crypto 3 years ago

    See here’s the thing. I’m not democrat or republican. I base my political decisions on facts and moral behavior. I was actually a registered republican up until last year midterms. I did not vote in 2016 because I don’t like Hillary or Trump. But today’s republican party has gone full blown conspiracy theorist and propaganda party. All they do is lie and don’t care about the country. They only care about lining their pockets and staying in power. Behind closed doors they all know Trump is horrible, a liar, and corrupt but they also know if they speak out Trump will attack them and the republican base will vote them out calling them a rhino. I also don’t support the majority of democrats or any politician that takes money in exchange for policy. If everyone in this country thought this way we wouldn’t be here right now and Trump would have been impeached over a year ago. The Mueller report is way more then enough but nobody wants to read it besides Justin Amash who I applaud as a real patriot.

  • Leon Donnelly 3 years ago

    What do you call a lying orange mob boss asshole traitor? Donald Trump. President of the USA ??.

  • miviews 3 years ago

    How can ppl afford to live in New York?

  • Админ Рут 3 years ago

    Its only an hour show, but it only lasted 7 minutes and 1 second.

  • Velma R 3 years ago

    And just as corrupt! You picked the wrong side. Good comedians can make jokes without being so hateful! KARMA

  • Heather Remlin 3 years ago

    Fireside chat! I’d actually pay $$ to see it actually go down.
    Can you even imagine!? His attorneys won’t let him, they know he’s an idiot … lol

  • niceguy217 3 years ago

    That’s not true at all! Everyone knows trump boofs Big Macs..not chocolate it won’t fit with all the KFC bones stuck up there!

  • DesmoFan 3 years ago

    Well I’m never eating another eclair…

    Fucking. SAVAGE. ?


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