The Trump Admin’s New Thanksgiving Guidelines Are Insane | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 18, 2020

The White House is more willing to risk old people dying from corona than to cancel Thanksgiving. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  • kenrock2 3 years ago

    From where i come from, we barely can celebrate any festivals at all because of strict regulation .. So What’s the problem with just one thanksgiving this year?

  • Gary Bricault 3 years ago

    Hopefully it will be this clown’s final Thanksgiving. It is likely it is trump’s last one at the rate he is going.

  • Carl Koree Ochah 3 years ago

    1:18 Are my eye deceiving me… or is that bookshelf developing sentience…?

  • Jima Alex 3 years ago

    At this point, nothing surprises me anymore from Trump or his idiots in the white house as well as the Republicans.

  • Matt Elvis Lindsay 3 years ago

    I’m getting tired of watching your show all you do is talk bad about Trump. And what the man meant was since you’re too young to know the man meant that because a lot of people are old it could be their last Thanksgiving because they might pass away because a lot of people are very old he wasn’t talkin about coronavirus he meant that because they’re so damn old it could be their last Thanksgiving you know but because you’re very young so you don’t understand that but that’s what he meant in other words if you were 85 years old it could very well be your last Thanksgiving

  • So what 3 years ago

    I understand that it sounds illogical, but he has a point. I actually talked with my grandma about this. And you know what she said is worse than dying because of covid? Spending maybe the last year of her life alone in her apartment. Not able to get out, not able to have real contact to family. She wants to treasure every day and moment she has left, so yes, this possible last christmas/thanksgiving is very important to her.
    Because there won’t be “ten next thanksgiving” if she survives the pandemic.

    Please, let’s not forget about the mental health of the elderly, and not just care about their physical health.

  • Marc Emson 3 years ago

    The GOP are trying to murder as many people as possible by keep spreading the pandemic as much as possible.

    The GOP are the party of Plague, Fraud, death and Fascism.

  • Fatz Catz 3 years ago

    Is this Trump way to give more homework to Biden or he just love to reduce the population?

  • Sahil 3 years ago

    1:18 Trevor Glitched ! I knew he was AI Sheep funded by liberal media to make Dear Leader look bad. Fake News !

  • Kanishka Goswami 3 years ago

    Don’t care about covid anymore..
    I don’t really care if i d*e ..
    But i wear mask everysecond cuz *other* people *may not* want to….(d*e)

  • Malicity D'Obscuro 3 years ago

    The madmen are running the asylum, FFS.

  • AdelioNightstorm 3 years ago

    Every Thanksgiving is SOMEONE’s final Thanksgiving, Covid or not.

  • Wes Walker 3 years ago

    Trevor… I thought you were smart. You actually believe that Donald Trump (captain $7 Trillion in new federal debt) is a “conservative”? Son, you need an actual education in political philosophy. Nationalism (socialism) is NOT conservatism. Not even vaguely. And since there’s going to be stupid leftists who take issue with this statement. I’ll spell it out. CONSERVATISM is an individualist ideology that holds that the individual rights are superior to collective needs. Nationalism believes that the NATIONAL INTEREST (ie: collective needs) is superior to the individual rights. Nationalists also believe in state interference in the economy (government control, which is socialist policy) and spending public funds on private concerns (“subsidies”, which is socialist policy).

    NATIONALISM is “leftism”.

  • Natasha Clark 3 years ago

    That moment when you realize the Trump adminicult are very mentally sick people. They aren’t even human.

  • Francisco Villeda 3 years ago

    If you miss one Thanksgiving with you grandparents or elderly parents, then you can have the next few years Thanksgiving with them safely…


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