The Tonight Show Partners with Walmart to Donate $1M to Puerto Rico Relief

Published on October 9, 2017

Jimmy announces The Tonight Show’s partnership with Walmart to donate $1 million to Puerto Rico relief through Feeding America and the Puerto Rico Food Bank. Also, through the month of October, Walmart will match all donations to the Walmart Puerto Rico Relief Fund – $2 for every $1 – up to an additional $1 million!

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  • Corey Howard 3 years ago

    Jimmy – “Do you like me yet?”

  • Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton 3 years ago

    When Walmart and the Tonight Show do more to help Puerto Rico than our President

  • B S 3 years ago

    Trump should donate his presidency to Barack

  • Random Videos 3 years ago

    Give us that money back for all the time wasted in line for lack of cashiers ???

  • Eli Ramirez 3 years ago

    Its sad that these billion dollar corporations do these things to look good in the public eye. ‘Donating 2 dollars for every dollar by the public but only up to 1 million’. Donate everuthing you can every little bit. Yet corporations like the red cross who walmart partnered with for hurricane relief efforts only donate 10% of every dollar donated. JJ Watt was able to generate tens of millions more with the help of honest good hearted ppl. Fuck corporate america, yall are a disgrace. Asking so much of the public when yall are very capable of doing so much more. Good publicity is all you care for.

  • Cody Zimmerman 3 years ago

    do you all realize how terrible walmart treats their employees? literally voted worst place to work. and they throw money around for good pr and you all just buy it? think about the employees and treatment for a second . not cool

  • New Message 3 years ago

    When Walmart is doing more than the President of the US is, that’s a red flag. A big, big red flag.

  • Dinuk Samarasinghe 3 years ago

    I wanna think that this is real, but its a publicity stunt for the tonight show. Walmart are doing all the work.

  • Moss Alakaby 3 years ago

    Why america and not africa!!?

  • Otaku Page 3 years ago

    This Is talking about tragedy in Puerto Rico. Shouldn’t be monetised

  • dh2006dh 3 years ago

    NBC Universal and Walmart only have 1 mill to give? Really?

  • CaptainDieg 3 years ago

    Bet this video has ads

  • demonzabrak 3 years ago

    Just so it’s super obvious to everyone, Walmart reported a profit of 31.83 billion dollars in the most recent quarter. 7 million is, in fact, literally less then a tenth of one percent of a single months profit.

  • Trisky 3 years ago

    As much as donating money is good this is clearly just a paid product placement on Walmarts part. They care about their image to make more money for the rich Walton family.

  • Crystal Eubanks 3 years ago

    That’s great that their doing this

  • KNO 3 years ago

    Fuck Walmart yo.

  • Ronnie Perez 3 years ago

    YouTube will demonetize your video after what happened to Casey video

  • v1d300 3 years ago

    So glad able people are stepping up to help Puerto Rico. But at the same time it is so sad to know that a disaster has to occur to bring people closer and help each other.

  • Anurag Sharma 3 years ago


  • Sharon Guisselle 3 years ago



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