The Third Democratic Debate



  • Phaota 11 months ago

    Love that last one about Popeyes.

  • Alpha Wërks 11 months ago

    These motherfuckers are crazy and are going to start a civil war.

  • Michael York 11 months ago

    Donald Trump is not racist, he loves BBC!

  • Its Me 11 months ago

    This guy sucks. Get some jokes.

  • andASD andA 11 months ago

    I agree, that was an absolute embarrassment, they’re gonna get eating alive lmao

  • Arcane Turbulence 11 months ago

    Click bait.. there was literally nothing about the debate in this, even though there were some excellent opportunities for some punchlines.. I thought for sure there would be a shot or two at some of the obviously ridiculous moments. This is the problem.. we’re too worried about taking rib shots at our own candidates when they have no answer, or a terrible Idea. DO IT! It’s how we’re supposed to weed out the posers.

  • Misty Lee 11 months ago

    I live in Birmingham. Could y’all just go ahead and pray for Alabama anyway? Wouldn’t hurt.

  • D Mcg 11 months ago

    Low standards to comedy.

  • Eric Crane 11 months ago

    The first thing Biden will do as president is defeat Trump! No other candidates have made that claim; they all plan to let Trump keep running for president after they become president. Biden plans to March into the white house and chuck Norris Donald right outta there.

  • Fritz 2 11 months ago

    How does this guy even have a show ? so not funny !

  • Brain Phelps 11 months ago

    repulsive non comedic pandering ass

  • Curtis Clark 11 months ago

    Seth….you got nuthin. You’re done. Idiot.

  • steve flynn 11 months ago

    What a terrible show and boring host

  • Pam Timmins 11 months ago

    So funny Seth. As far as Popeyes chicken sandwich that sounds like a plan, rather than pay 1000 dollars for their sandwich or like the guy who is suing for them running out of their chicken sandwich, ridiculous.

  • William Creed 11 months ago

    This kind of crap is getting old. Try to be funny about something else. Stand on a corner and maybe you might, and this would be stretching it a lot, you might get some pocket change. Let’s face it, you’re a washed up old ass hole.

  • LovinLife 11 months ago

    Polls are NO GOOD for predicting the Electoral College, but it is great for the Popular Vote. So, just like with Hillary, there’s no guarantee Biden will win the Electoral College. It’s just best that every American able to vote, votes and live with the results.

    Are American Voters really willing to elect a Corporate Democrats over a Progressive/Socialist who’s words, actions and policies have never comeback to bite them. When are American Voters going to learn, to stop voting on what they believe, instead of facts and logic. I for one am sick and tired of the 1%ers getting richer while the Middle-Class continue to disappear and the Working-Poor suffers.

    President Obama was insulted, disrespected and attacked for 8 years, while helping every American no matter their race, age, gender, class, religion or Political Party. Followed by American Voters allowing Trump to be elected after campaigning on ending everything President Obama did for all Americans, so I wouldn’t be surprise if President Obama stay clear of the 2020 election or Politic period. If Biden wins, nothing will change for the Middle-Class and Working-Poor, since Biden is a Corporate Democrat. Bernie Sanders is a better choice for an honest Politicians. I find it sad that some Americans are willing to vote for Biden simply because he was President Obama’s Vice President and hoping somehow they will get Obama back as well. Americans voting based on their feelings, instead of policies, facts, logic and what’s best for all Americans, no matter their race, class, age, gender, religion or political party is what got us in the mess we are in today.

  • Jagstang1981 11 months ago

    Still unfunny Seth. Remember, we have Trump in office cause of you and Obama fucking with him at that associates dinner. You are the cause. Never forget buddy

  • Anthony Hewetson 11 months ago

    Breaded chicken, deep fat fried, then placed in a bun – what kind of calorie count and grams saturated fat does one of these belly busters come with?

  • Mort Dod 11 months ago

    the gerrymandering joke could have been so much better if they showed Biden as one of the Republicans…because he’s basically a Republican at this point

  • William H. Baird 11 months ago

    Trump will be gone in 2020, He knows it, The GOP know it, and the Democrats know it. Only the 36% trumpettes left still “dont” know it.


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