The Things We Should Have Been Doing All Along! Brought to You By Coronavirus | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on May 6, 2020

In response to the crisis brought on by COVID-19, our country seems to have adopted the “be the change you wish to see in the world… but only once a global pandemic forces you to” approach.



  • Mr. painful Truth 3 years ago

    Trump blaming China…I’m ok with THAT I guess….BUT, WHY DID HE LAVISHLY PRAISE CHINA TO BEGIN WITH ?

  • Andi7 Amo 3 years ago

    Let me know if Segregating Schools is one of those things???

  • Nevertoleave 3 years ago

    My area had a total of 5 cases. It went down to zero, everyone got better. We started re-opening, we got three new cases over three days

  • BK Bland 3 years ago

    I mostly like Samantha Bee but she makes the same mistake most make. Don’t use the crazy reactionary’s terms for things. It’s like doubleSpeak, dig? I’d reevaluate some of that.
    I think hope is the most useless thing ever. It creates unrealistic expectations. It’s just life and it WILL hurt.
    good luck.

  • Alex Citron 3 years ago

    Thanks for reminding me we have caring, smart leaders — just not in the White House. My mother died 2 mos. before election of DT. I’m glad she didn’t have to die of electoral shock; hopefully my kids (and I) will live to see a GOOD female president. Thanks for your good reporting with lots of levity!

  • Lisa B 3 years ago

    So glad I had swallowed my coffee before you said, whatever it is my dentist does down there!

  • David Stewart 3 years ago

    Love your T-shirt

  • Elena Falgione 3 years ago

    ok but where are the wagyu steaks though?

  • o0Avalon0o 3 years ago

    I just thought the background was a green screen until her hair started blowing in the wind. What a magical place.

  • MrNotoriousjim 3 years ago

    I sadly disagree on the unemployment insurance benefits. It is something that wage workers are paying into. I think there should be an option for small business owners and gig workers to buy into unemployment- but as is it is not an entitlement- it is an insurance.

  • Stacy Simpson 3 years ago

    Good job. Keep up the good work!

  • John Brazier 3 years ago

    Don’t forget, nature is seriously rebounding. It is incredible how getting people out of the way – even for a short time – is allowing animals and plants to burgeon. And even the idiotic human beings are discovering that having unpolluted air, a bit more greenery, and seeing the odd bird that they’ve never seen before is really rather good.

  • joette 3 years ago

    stop EPOC ads

  • YourNatureBoy27 3 years ago

    Without an audience or canned laugh, it is hard to tell when she tells a joke.

  • Gaz Roberts 3 years ago

    She’s about as funny as Amy Shumer.

  • so★ 3 years ago

    Why is samantha so not funny

  • Stephen Andrew 3 years ago

    How bad is this?

  • YamiAlex224 3 years ago

    That roach worked hard

  • G.L. 1234 3 years ago

    This lady thinks she is funny I think.?

  • David Bonnie 3 years ago

    she’s is terminally unfunny

  • TRT 3 years ago

    I used to think the left was pro science and pro facts. This pandemic has opened my eyes to how false that truly is. You guys know that CDC declared the death rate to be the same as the flu right? But yes, let’s continue to ruin people’s lives, psychologically condition people to be afraid of everything and make masks aka muzzles mandatory. Makes perfect rational sense. Let’s do this every flu season. Dehumanize and separate. All for a manufactured fear of death. Didn’t they wear masks in handmaid’s tale?

  • -Syphec - 3 years ago

    This is the most unfunny thing ever relying only on shock value


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