The Tech That Got Us Through 2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on December 9, 2020

What happened in the world of technology this year? Zoom banished Skype, “Animal Crossing” blew up, Trump tried to ban TikTok, Facebook and Twitter tried to ban Trump’s bulls**t, and Elon Musk took off into space. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RonnyChieng

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  • J G 3 years ago

    I spent a lot of time toobin on meetings and even learned to use my left hand so the mouse doesn’t get slippery.

  • Edric Aldones 3 years ago

    What’s Ronnie done to his face?

  • Vivek Mishra 3 years ago

    Dude you have alot of Money give to me !

  • mimi tran 3 years ago

    Ronny has been taking too many vacations. He needs to get back to work.

  • Shannon T 3 years ago

    If we could just cancel Drumph it would be a much better world! I am not a cancel fan, but this one is justified!

  • EPICFox207 3 years ago

    Finally, someone actually understands how cr*ppy tiktok is

  • thaipan katima 3 years ago

    ronnie cheng!
    You’re alive!

  • candy vore 3 years ago

    Such a cute Asian Jesus I’m just distracted by his face and hand movements

  • Golden speed Guy YT 3 years ago

    Is anyone going to talk about the whole galactic alien federation leaked by the isreal general or just me

  • L. A. Gothro 3 years ago

    My first experience with Zoom was in 2018…I thiiinkkk…anyhow, it was back when people were using Skype for personal calls and Zoom for business, and even then just barely. I’d never heard of it before.. My meeting was with a life coach; it didn’t go well because I had faulty equipment on my end (mike not working). But it’s like Animal Crossing – something that’s been around for a bit that had a big open, then okay, whatev, then BOOM – the pandemic is the catalyst for making them both explode the way they have.

  • LSW 3 years ago

    SpaceX – Exporting Covid to the other Last Frontier. LOL

  • Joe R M 3 years ago

    2020 lockdowns started out with many playing Animal Crossing a peaceful game…
    2020 is ending with Among Us where everyone is paranoid and suspicious of each other to the point that people are tossed out into space!


  • Mgersworkshop 3 years ago

    Heard about Discord????

  • Mimi B 3 years ago

    Cheap jokes. The pandemic was worth it to get rid of skype? Piss off. Not even funny.

  • CashewNut GGR 3 years ago

    What’s wrong with reading? Your brain is the greatest tech , maybe use it while reading to make it more interesting??

  • Truth Matters 3 years ago

    Another BS from Elon Musk. He took money from three people three years ago and said he would send them to the moon and circle around and come back. Did he return that money? Elon Musk keeps spiting BSs.


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