The Subminimum Wage Disability Pay Loophole – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show



  • Godless Recovery 2 years ago

    My uncle dealt with this for ages. He liked working. Felt fulfillment from it. But it was not even a wage to be honest.
    Funny how it’s only the cognitively disabled (or appearing to be cognitively disabled) that are exploited in this way.

  • Nonna_SoF 2 years ago

    Okay, at 22 cents an hour you’re not employed, you’re volunteering. Though I suspected it’s often less than voluntary… Might as well go all in and get your sense of worth from actual volunteer work than this farce.

  • Errickfoxy 2 years ago

    I also gotta say, when people hold up Stephen Hawking, it can be really frustrating to some of us disabled folks. We can’t all live up to an example like that, and we shouldn’t feel like we have to try to do so. He was one of a kind, and not even a fully “abled” person should expect to do what he did, let alone the rest of us who are struggling with our own hurdles.

  • Roman Torres 2 years ago

    Trump,Bannon,Jordan,Gaetz and a lot of Republicans deserved to go to JAIL for everything they done to the country
    Trump incited the INSURRECTION ON January 06,2021
    Trump LIED 30753 TIMES while he was President
    Trump STARTED the BIG LIE of 2020 Election FRAUD ( NOT PROVEN SO FAR)
    Trump is a DRAFT DODGER (Viet Nam War)

  • Tony Li 2 years ago

    you’re luck they pay you

  • Lukhanyo Meslane 2 years ago

    true trevor iyhooooooo americanssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Mattias Lindqvist 2 years ago

    Land of the free to be abused.

  • dani hesslinger 2 years ago

    Our German law says: any business/enterprise/agency federal or public) with more than 20% employees has to employ at least 5% of handicapped/disabled persons, pay being the same for able and disabled people with similar jobs/tasks.
    (We do have sheltered workplaces, too, but that is another topic).

  • MHLONGO Sidzinga 2 years ago

    Am I the only South African who was waiting for him to drop a joke about Oscar Pistorius?

  • SchmigatheSoulja 2 years ago

    In my country disabled people get their wage partially by their company and the rest is payed by the government. Therefor there is no downside for the companies

  • Awake 2 years ago

    What is the point of being employed if they do not pay you?

  • I Q-MA 2 years ago

    Trevor that’s b.s in africa disabled people don’t get employment. Yall should be greatful you get more money than 50% of the world for ‘doing your best’. If they get a fair wage that means one less able bodied staff, stop pretending you don’t know how these companies operate. Probably only there for tax break purposes
    PICK YOUR FIGHTS PEOPLE, not everything is an important issue !!!!

  • Eddie Edwards 2 years ago

    Was the audio recorded in AM radio

  • Christine Benson 2 years ago

    My mom recently tried getting disability. She was rejected for a) not working, since she had owned a business a few years that apparently doesn’t count and b) for earning too much money in 2019.

    She has metastatic breast cancer in her bones. Now she has to go to Mayo and ask them to advocate for her.

    What ticks me off is we know of 2 women who got social security payouts because their dad was disabled for a while. One got over $200,000 the other got $150,000. They were minors when their dad had a heart attack and couldn’t work. Their mom was employed. They were paid when one was over 18. It’s insane.


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