The Spy Who Called Me: Alexander Vindman and the Call That Sparked the Russian War on Ukraine

Published on April 1, 2022

Sam sits down with the star of Trump’s first impeachment hearing, Alexander Vindman to talk about the infamous 2019 Trump/Zelenskyy phone call that paved the way for Putin’s war on Ukraine.

This piece was produced by Razan Ghalayini with Adam Howard and edited by Andrew Mendelson.




  • Greg Zuccolo 2 years ago

    Alexander Vindman is very welcome to give me one.

  • Stikibits 2 years ago

    It’s the IMF and NED that lead to the skirmish in Ukraine. Those farks want to debt-trap the place.
    It’s the same in Taiwan.
    And you know you’re the “good-guys” when you’re working with and arming up NAZIs to do your dirty work, hey?

  • boaty msboatface 2 years ago

    That was GREAT!

  • SAJ ALI 2 years ago

    The zionist war on Ukraine is purely to bring about destruction of the entire world by constantly poking Russia and then acting like they are sweet little innocent victims when Russia reacts

  • mistifa 2 years ago

    Vindman is an American patriot and hero (buy his book! “Here, Right Matters”)

  • brad smith 2 years ago

    Because of his firing he retired & thus did not attend the Army War College along with the commensurate promotion to full bird colonel.
    This is unconscionable.
    Please reply as to how accurate I have this.

  • Nans Ramz 2 years ago

    A true patriot. He deserves so much more recognition for all his valor.

  • Htopher Ollem 2 years ago

    I’d be more inclined towards believe if he didn’t go on his publicity tour. We were led to believe that it was his integrity which forced him to speak out . His actions since testifying (chasing fame like a “Rock of Love ” bus ho while hanging out with celebrities) shows exactly the level of integrity in his makeup.

  • Colin McKerlie 2 years ago

    Vindman is a hero and a patriot – but he is also such a dork! Get a stylist man! You’re a celebrity!

  • Peter Bathum 2 years ago

    45 deserves to be imprisoned if not to have all his skin flayed off a layer at a time, metaphorically . Pure evil walking the earth begs for Justice. TOO BAD THERES NO FEDERAL DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBLE FOR JUSTICE.

  • youtube watcher 2 years ago

    Vindicated Vindman vaporizes vicious viper Trump.


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