The Shutdown Is Making It Harder For FBI Agents

Published on January 24, 2019

The government shutdown has left undercover FBI agents unable to purchase narcotics or guns from gang members.

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  • *Rushka* 10 months ago

    Yay. First!

  • A Wee Scots Dog 10 months ago

    MAFIA Don – Kissing Putin’s Ring
    (With Vlad – “The Vodka Czar”)

    Don Trump expects loyalty from made men
    Bigly Capo di Tutti Capi then?
    He knows what he stands for
    It’s an uncivil war
    Make America Fight Itself Again

    Don Trump thought that he was a smart boss
    But his rackets they all made a loss
    So he Tweeted a threat
    “I own judges like Brett
    If you squeal, I’ll send Betsy De Vos!”

    Then suddenly Twitter fell mute
    As Trump started receiving inPut
    One word from the Godfather
    Had Trump in a lather
    Extorted by Vlad’s photo shoot

    Worse still, a man Cohen, with medallion
    Ratted out Don’s Mafia battalion
    Then a thought from Judge Pirro
    (Whose IQ was sub-zero)
    “Mikey’s bed! Put in … head of a stallion!”

    Then Giuliani got in on the act
    When duly panned, he thought – spin Don! Redact!
    “A tribute Trump may bring
    To Putin bada-bing
    And that is fine, even if it’s a fact”

    “Also, now what you must realise”
    Went on Rudy, with tears in his eyes
    “Is when I’m heaven sent
    With my feet in cement
    I fear Saint Peter’s fake news and lies”

    For Giuliani it’s too late to recuse
    But truly Don he’s still got plenty to lose
    He knows one man crueler
    Than Putin – that Mueller
    “Gonna make Trump an offer he can’t refuse”

  • The Greendalewitch 10 months ago

    The last time I was this early Trump wasnt a President and everyone were (mostly) happy, instead of depressed.

  • JordanDoesYT 10 months ago


  • Jake Hix 10 months ago


  • New Message 10 months ago

    The Federal Bureau of Indigestion?

  • AUGUSTUS CAESER 10 months ago


  • fLoki K.A. 10 months ago

    Government Shutdown aka attempt at stalling Trump’s impeachment

  • rhonda sampson 10 months ago

    What Nancy did to trump! That was awesome Stephen.

  • Nathan Baker 10 months ago

    Trump has shut down the government to distract America from his treason, high crimes, and misdemeanors.

  • Alpha Tomasowa 10 months ago

    1:08 Cue standing ovation.

  • Tiger Dragon 10 months ago

    The “wall” is an old school protection racket.

  • Vilson D 10 months ago

    Nancy is kickin Drumpf in the head, hard!

  • LeesaDeAndrea 10 months ago

    trump: perv on standby

  • TheReal008Zulu 10 months ago

    Trump: If all those gangs murdering, robbing, and raping women, then selling them in to slavery is the price I have to pay to stop Mueller and his team, then it’s a price I will gladly pay.

  • Kricky winget 10 months ago

    Oh man, Quantico too😂😂

  • nbbim2012 10 months ago

    The evolving savagery of Stephen Colbert is enhancing my life in ways I never knew I needed


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