The ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Have One Thing Going For Them

Published on January 12, 2018

The President’s diarrhea-of-the-mouth resulted in his ‘sh*thole’ comment during a bipartisan meeting on immigration.

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  • That Coolguy297 1 week ago

    Im first bitches!!

  • S. G. 1 week ago

    Stephen Cobert = national treasure
    Donald Trump = (inter)national embarrassment

  • 223Drone 1 week ago

    Trump said say’s he rather have immigrants from Noway rather than Haiti and African countries because the latter are “shitholes”. Trump might as well say “I prefer white immigrants”, he’s no longer trying to hid his racist intentions.

  • Jasonzilla 1 week ago

    Trump is undeniably racist. Get him out of the White House. He is useless.

  • New Message 1 week ago

    The only shithole here is the one under Trump’s nose.

  • Blue Skies 1 week ago

    Norway. A Scandinavian country. With a very high percentage of people who
    are Non-White Immigrants!

  • Toad Jiang 1 week ago

    Actually throughout my life, my greatest asset has been, like, being really really not racist, believe me! #stablegenius — Donald Trump

  • Arjun Kay 1 week ago

    ” _Today. Today? Today!_ ”
    -Stephen Colbert

  • Turbid TG1 1 week ago

    Remember Trump is the one who said all Haitians have AIDS back in June. The worst part of this is that it comes on the 8th anniversary of the Haitian earthquake that killed thousands. Some Republicans said they are “disappointed”, with his remarks, most are silent. Another example on why we need to get those fuckers out on November 6th! Trump also said at the meeting “why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,” a person familiar with today’s meeting confirms to CNN. President Shithole doesn’t have his own personal fucking hit squad for Christ’s sake! Hurry the fuck up Mueller! P.S. And this the only person I wish this on, hope once Trump gets out of office, he goes senile, has to need 24 hour care, and shits in his diaper all day long while the Devil just bides his time!

  • 00 0 1 week ago

    Trumps 2020 campaign slogan: You suckers are so lucky that I am giving you the privilege to vote for me again!

  • sage walter 1 week ago

    Norwegian are fine in their own country, Trump. Just take care of your white supermacists. Never let them leave the country and poison the rest of world
    Thank you.

  • the_dead_poet 1 week ago

    *_Trump is a Racist ?!?!_*
    Wow !! _I did Nazi that coming, I did naaaat.._
    _Oh, hi Mark !!!_

  • Aaron Bidderman 1 week ago

    If Colbert likes the shithole countries why doesn’t he go ahead and and move there, hah?
    I do believe Trump said what many citizens really had on their mind but were too afraid to say a word due to fake political correctness.

  • syngon smythe 1 week ago

    “Sir, they’re not shithole countries! For one, Donald Trump isn’t their president!”

    Shit, that’s cold, man!

  • issa osama 1 week ago

    No one in their right mind would migrate from Norway to the US. I am sorry but that might be the dumbest thing I heard this far. Leave A country as beautiful and amazing as Norway to go live in the US? Nah!!!!!!

  • camelshit 1 week ago

    As a Norwegian I would never ever even visit USA as long as you are playing at being “president”, trump.
    You’ve turned the former White House into a shithole. I just hope people there come to their senses and kick you out before your toxic, leaking sewer poisons the whole country.

  • Sam S 1 week ago

    Thats It, I’m moving to Australia.

  • Amina Farid 1 week ago

    I dont think people from norway want to come to america..Norway is soo much better


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