The Republican Base Has Been Radicalized By Right Wing Media, Say The Pod Save America Co-Hosts

Published on January 21, 2021

Jon Lovett, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor worry that a radicalized Republican base may make it difficult for GOP members to cooperate with Democrats in the new Congress, but they are hopeful that President Biden can bring about change if Americans continue to pay attention and fight. #LateShowLIVE #PodSaveAmerica #Inauguration2021

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  • nobody nowhere 1 month ago

    Just me, or does Tommy look like he’s answering a job interview question? I can see him trying to get every word of a really long question and give a good answer, but he looks a little nervous about it. It’s ok Tommy, we like you.

  • Mark Woldin 1 month ago

    Dumb questions. We are gon a have to do this WITHOUT thee pubbs.

  • Ash Roskell 1 month ago

    Seditious Propaganda used to be ILLEGAL. It should be again! We used to hunt down and HANG seditious propagandists and traitors after WWII! Now? We let Fox broadcast on American soil and give them shares in the company! WTF, America??? Are we really calling it, “free speech,” when people get to scream, “Fire!” in a packed theatre, and sit back to watch people DIE in the chaos that THEY CAUSED??? According to Conservative analysts, Fox cast doubt on the election over 700 TIMES! They KNOW THEY’RE LYING AND PEOPLE ARE DYING! Lock them up! At the very LEAST, ban the dangerous LIES!?

  • rrickarr 1 month ago

    RUPERT MURDOCH needs to be dealt with. He is the one who controls FOX and just fired people for naming Biden as winner in Arizona.

  • Andy Acker 1 month ago

    I think I like Colbert’s interviews better live. This was one of the most substantial and focused ones yet.

  • Kilal Googlestaffers 1 month ago

    Rachel Maddow,
    plays goalie for the Center
    while pretending to be the Left,
    which pushes everyone to the Right,
    giving the Right all the room it needs
    to move into extremism.

    Maddow is as directly responsible
    for the Nazification of America
    as David Duke or Donald Trump.

  • Giti Oracle 1 month ago

    I’m kinda known for my predictions. Predicted a civil war from racist movement in 2008 for America and now I’m predicting a full blown civil war for USA by 2025 and a global nuclear war by 2030.

  • K Cuzz 1 month ago

    Now we have to expand the house and senate further.

  • Tony Higgins 1 month ago

    oddly enough I feel like one of the main issues in this country is that news is subjective and being discredited by science and unimpeachable testimony does not require the offenders to submit the falsehood to the individuals it had served the faulty information to. Fox news is not called fox news because it is news, it is because someone decided to name it fox news.

  • DeckerdSmeckerd 1 month ago

    The Republicans could learn to say “power to the people”. Become unradical.

  • Rohit Mohite 1 month ago

    I am brown and I support Trump

  • joshua blanchard 1 month ago

    Colbert had a lot of material covering trump, what’s he going to do now? Ratings are awful across the board.

  • Eclectic Muse 1 month ago

    The Poddies seem underwhelmed like they are all wearing Bernie mittens.

  • Fanney47 1 month ago

    Popping the bottle. Lol

  • onkelgroen 1 month ago

    The orange menace only revealed the problems. McConnell blocked everything he didn’t like under Obama, Fox has been spreading misinformation for a long time. The problem is still there, and President Biden need to make a lot of headway to avoid the cycle repeating.

  • James Warner 1 month ago

    The Republican Party now has a tightrope to walk. If they distance themselves too much from the Trumpist way, then they will lose a chunk of their voters, especially if Trump sets up a far-right populist party. If they try to go for a refined Trump 2.0 or Trump-lite approach and over-cook it, they risk loosing the moderate Republican vote. Either way, the Democrats clean up at the next election.

  • Tony Smith 1 month ago

    Yet you progressives with your radical Antifa & BLM are just so peaceful & love our constitution! Your not radical at all….

  • Mary Hirose 1 month ago

    everything Hawley does is for his 2024 presidential run. Hawley is dangerous

  • D.J. 1 month ago

    The lump is removed.
    The cancer isn’t.
    There is a long way to go.


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