The Queen’s Extravagant Platinum Jubilee & The GOP’s New Election-Stealing Scheme | The Daily Show

Published on June 3, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on the throne, Republicans hatch a new scheme to win elections, fish off the coast of Florida reportedly contain pharmaceuticals, engineers at Northwestern University build the smallest robots, and delivery workers admit to eating customers’ food. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Morris73 8 months ago

    Great babysitting idea.

  • Thabo Lefleur 8 months ago

    He is actually part Swedish lol

  • Redwood4 8 months ago

    70 years of lavish living at the expense of others……smh. Should have celebrated by giving everyone a million dollars each.

  • Sandra Asilda 8 months ago


  • Tvbox5551973 Finnan 8 months ago

    They are TELLING you how they are going to take over. And the DEMOCRATS are laughing and letting them.

  • Chrosam 8 months ago

    Isn’t it funny, that when a president stays in power for 30 years, it’s a dictatorship,
    But when a king/queen stays in power, that’s a kingdom.

  • Draco Magnius 8 months ago

    If anyone like me doesn’t care about the Queen of England’s B-day skip to: 3:46

  • ID10T 8 months ago

    Basically a segment of ‘Now You Know”. If you didnt know delivery drivers were eating your food, now you know.

  • Tony 8 months ago

    I’m surprised the fish were not high on oxi

  • Darlene Rdz 8 months ago

    Monarchies should not exist.

  • Adamant Forge 8 months ago

    Not so impressive she “hung on” when the reason why is because her favored heir married outside the approved bloodline

  • Geo Dez 8 months ago

    I don’t understand why average Americans cheer on the queen it’s like they want to go back to being peasants and slaves

  • bic 8 months ago

    I love Trevor Noah but the show is really not funny unfortunately, the writers need to pick it up 🙁

  • James Hardy 8 months ago

    Huh huh so funny. Getting handed a super high paying job by sheer nepotism with the ultimate guarantee of job security. Everyone should be so lucky.

  • Will Drennan 8 months ago

    Oh cool, my lab works with the lab with the tiny robots! We are working on making tiny swimming robots with them.

  • Paula Gandolfo 8 months ago

    The #Oceans are amazing. And they provide #Earth with half our #Oxygen.

  • Eric L 8 months ago

    I support you, the best I can. Kids died. Stop the jokes. (it’s 9-11 heavy)

  • Jason Rodriguez 8 months ago

    For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,
    I Corinthians 15:3‭-‬4.

  • inm mbb 8 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 interestning and funny. 🤔.. Sending hugs and kisses to everyone🥰🤗. Thinking it’s worth a try in bringing harmony and peace to the madness of the world💝. So we can all be free as maya sings in “Free”, and happy as pharrell Williams in happy.

  • John Chessant 8 months ago

    In 9 days Elizabeth II will surpass Rama IX (king of Thailand from 1946 to 2016) as the second-longest reigning monarch. If she makes it to 2024 she will break the record of Louis XIV of France who reigned from 1643 to 1715.
    [Note: Sobhuza II was ruler of Swaziland from 1899 to 1982 but Swaziland was a British protectorate until 1968.]


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