The Problem With Modern Day College – Long Story Short | The Daily Show

Published on April 7, 2023

College is expensive, some degrees don’t prepare students for their careers, and apprenticeships are becoming more popular. So why is a college degree so vital? Roy Wood Jr. breaks down the pros and cons of college in this installment of Long Story Short. #DailyShow #Comedy #LongStoryShort #RoyWoodJr #College



  • Arun Madisetti 11 months ago

    American degrees are so expensive because they spend the first year bringing everyone to the same level. The fact that any armed service personnel can get a free degree also jacks up the prices.
    In the US you need a degree to work for someone who has none.

  • Jeremy P. 11 months ago


  • Stephen Riggs 11 months ago

    I bet the journalism grads are depressed because they don’t want to work in a world where the biggest propogandists call them fake news.

  • Ambro s 11 months ago

    If they keep someone permanently it oughta be Roy. He has polish.

  • Kilgore Trout 11 months ago

    Hire this man! Best host by a country mile (degree or not!)

  • Demusku Marius 11 months ago

    College was created as a boys club to show off how much money your daddy has. It was never about making people smart, it was always about dragging the people down who aren’t in your club.

  • Drew Breezy 11 months ago

    Geez…this is just now a story. Lolol. I was saying the exact same things 20 years ago the moment I graduated into a recession. Crazy lag.

  • T-Man 11 months ago

    Wow, this was awesome! Congrats Roy!!

  • Alvaro Espinel 11 months ago

    Military issues are US priority. Education, health, natural resources are private business based on GOP vision. Now China has the best universities.

  • You Tube 11 months ago

    Hassan Minaj did not struggle

  • Best of 11 months ago

    This “Rap” is why people get shot!

  • Philster 11 months ago

    I majored in English and journalism at the University of Kansas and graduated in 1986. It was an amazing experience–it was as if my mind, my life experience, expanded like the Big Bang. I wouldn’t trade it.

  • Rui Casas Novas 11 months ago

    Colleges are so bad in America, that kids, parents are starting to shoot everybody there.


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