The President Isn’t ‘Liking’ ‘Anti-Trump’ Facebook



  • Blazephlozard 1 year ago

    Again with the Green Hill Zone riff, haha

  • Kurtis C. 1 year ago

    What’s with all the Sonic the Hedgehog music lately?

    Not that I’m complaining or anything. 😏

  • Anant Raman 1 year ago

    Trump is the biggest Snowflake of all.

  • zach miller 1 year ago

    Dotard Trump and Russia scandal are like love birds. Never separate, always collude!

  • Breakfast221 1 year ago

    It’s so fucking pathetic that Trump calls ALL criticism “FAKE NEWS,” “WITCH HUNT,” and so on. In other words, “Trump is an insecure manchild. SAD!”

  • Mike Stoklasa 1 year ago

    Trump still being President makes as much sense as 7×13=28
    That dumb fucking orange is a stupid asshole idiot head. What an asshole.

  • Ap_26 1 year ago

    MAGA = Morons Are Governing America

  • Darius Auglys 1 year ago

    fuck trump

  • elchinio RL 1 year ago

    Hurry up Mueller!!!

  • Lord Of Bitches 1 year ago

    I so envy the kids who will get to read history lessons on Trump presidency.
    Mr. President invented Nambia, Covfefe, bigly, jyna. He is best known for “pee-pee tape” and “grab them by pu*$y” 😋

  • New Message 1 year ago

    We’re giving Sessions the launch codes?

  • Draglo 1 year ago

    Welcome to the host I’m your late show, Stephen Colbert.

  • Turbid TG1 1 year ago

    The Justice Department is actually requesting info on all people who liked Anti-Trump posts on Facebook. I’ll say it, I fucking hate Donald Trump, sue me, throw me in jail, I don’t care. Free speech motherfucker!

  • Flame Beats 1 year ago

    I’m surprised no devil’s advocates are defending Jill Stein. I remember there were some hardcore supporters in the comments during the election…

  • Smexii Wade 1 year ago

    I voted for Jill Stein. She was the only candidate against fracking. I like my water non flammable. Now none of that matters because we’re all gonna get nuked in the coming months. If any one is to blame it’s all of the people that didn’t vote. As far as war goes, we probably would have turned down this road eventually…

  • Jack LaBarge 1 year ago

    Am I the only who who feels that it is our fault trump is president and not Russia?

  • oterenceo 1 year ago

    America. Land of Trump

  • Robert Fisher 1 year ago

    Stephen…..I love you and love your show….but fuck you about wasting a vote. The idea that people should only have voted for the murderer and Haiti rapist Hillary OR the cocaine and prostitute hocking casino owner Trump is the REAL reason why America is NOT a true democracy.

  • Dr Bhokal 1 year ago

    If facebook had colluded then Hillary would have got even lesser votes

  • GorillaGuerilla 1 year ago

    Most of the Russian trolls working this project wasn’t trying to get people to vote for Trump, most of them were focused on getting people to either vote 3rd party or abstain from voting!


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