The President Is Slithering Off To Mar-A-Lago But The MAGA Menace Isn’t Going Away

Published on January 15, 2021

Our disgraced, twice-impeached president is said to be planning to slink off to his Florida estate without attending Joe Biden’s inauguration, leaving in his wake untold numbers of angry, conspiracy-fueled supporters still bent on causing destruction in his name. #Colbert #BidenInauguration #Monologue

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  • cell pat 2 months ago

    I couldn’t wait to see the moving vans. And the bunting (not his) and the indictment clock (his) L O L !!!!!

  • Xeb ThaGod 2 months ago

    75 million people called racists and supremacists for four years by chumps like this clown on the screen and he now has the nerve to be surprised that they might do a thing or two.Zero shame or responsibility.

  • Theophilus Redd 2 months ago

    That one lady just exploded herself and I bet she’s already been arrested

  • NewYorker Joe 2 months ago

    Nixon: President who became a crook
    Trump: crook who became a President

  • Abigail Smith 2 months ago

    At this moment there are 666 thumbs down for this sketch…. I’m sure it’s nothing though. 😆

  • Vorusen 2 months ago

    The fact trump is leaving Washington on air force 1 before his term is officially over so he doesnt have to ask Joe to use it to take him home is so fucking hilarious. He is so sad and petty he wants to use the tax payers money 1 more time before its all over.

  • Star Wars Gamer 2 months ago

    Biden will be honest with us? Sure, I really doubt it.

  • Janet Rickwood 2 months ago

    From “not Amerika”: please don’t come here! Stay at home! Some of us have nice countries we’d like to keep that way! Actually, all of us could do without your Nazi mobs! You can keep your diseases too (physical and political)!

  • Tom Servo 2 months ago

    those ‘reconnaissance’ tours are on security footage, right ? Wait till Jan21 for mass arrests

  • L. A. Gothro 2 months ago

    Stephen and writers: WHY did you have to use the term “double-fisting”?

  • Sandy Bathwater 2 months ago

    Just a curious question… was that Boebert’s mom with the megaphone?

  • Lori D R Blake 2 months ago

    The Revolution WILL be televised. Except there’s no television anymore so we’ll have to stream it on social media. And instead of going up against the wall, the intellectuals in Congress will be hiding under tables being infected with COVID19 by the terrorist’s co-conspirators (also known as coworkers). When will the confusion and descent end? No, not Jan 20th. That’s just another speed bump in this Armageddon we now call “The New Normal”. Just wear your f’king Mask! Only 4.5 days to go until Mr Biden & Ms Harris get to take on this flaming bag of excrement and Make It Fly! Woot! Thank you for your Time, fellow citizens! Lori OUT (I just wanted there to be NO question that I was NOT making any threats, ok?)

  • RaulProjects 2 months ago

    Damn I didn’t think my heart was going to give a quote to him.

  • Harry Mak 2 months ago

    “Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them. OK, I read that casually.” I laughed at that casually too. Goddam this train is making me go crazy.

  • Rachel Lee 2 months ago

    i want an aoc but my rep is boebert 😔😓

  • MLG HELP 2 months ago

    “I would be able to send a flock of birds.” So wud MILLIONS of people! 🤣😅😅

  • google inc 2 months ago

    americanisation has killed the planet, because this fascist crap you mention about is now in the UK/AUS far right news channels and far right mobs all over the place not just america

  • Michael Frawley 2 months ago

    Trish Trish…

  • Dario 108 2 months ago

    5:45 Internet sleuths have discovered this is Lauren Boeberts mother 😳

  • ALBERT albert 2 months ago

    What a Muppet!


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