The Pope Is Here!

Published on September 25, 2015

Stephen is excited to welcome the Pope to New York City, but first, he has to get his non-Catholic viewers up to speed on what all the righteous fuss is about.

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  • ChuckNorris 4 years ago

    I’m FIRST BABY!!!

  • Saintly Oswald 4 years ago

    What a shame that this NWO stooge is so funny.

  • Christian Rankin 4 years ago

    Anyone else get the shudders when he wrote on the fucking cardboard with
    the fucking marker lol

  • Naryan Robinson 4 years ago

    ‘Enjoy an eternity in Limbo; I hear it’s kinda “meh”.’
    Was I the only one who found that hilarious?

  • brmichaelpaul 4 years ago

    Good to see my boy Colbert representing the One, Holy, Catholic, and
    Apostolic Church instituted by Christ himself. Catholics: true to the game,
    both now and forever.

  • Kirisute Gomen 4 years ago

    shabang… shakoww

  • Karl-Henrik Smith 4 years ago

    Wait, so when Athrog the Death Hammer killed my character in World of
    Warcraft, that was Pope Francis? Have I been blessed or cursed?

  • Laura Neuzeth 4 years ago

    This whole bit was hilarious! I’m sure my Catholic family would hate it but
    I want more. ?

  • Amy Dante 4 years ago

    I want to work for his graphic department 😛 the things they can photoshop
    are Hilarius

  • Frank McManus 4 years ago

    1:02 is now my desktop background. Thanks, Stephen!

  • Richard Archer 4 years ago

    Really great line about the Pope having lunch with the homeless, rather
    than Congressional leaders, because the homeless were less likely to ask
    for donations.

  • Ifeelsodagoot 4 years ago

    bring back colberts show hairstyle!

  • Distracted Observer 4 years ago

    Stephen missed a great opportunity to relate the Knicks into the Popes Mass
    Seeing how even He can’t help them win a tittle.

  • Kempes SFA 4 years ago

    Everyone’s always known that the Protestants are the ones who are super
    moralistic. They are the puritans. Catholics are much more flexible.

  • Slurpon Muhdick 4 years ago

    “Welcone” lmao

  • TheTimeRocket 4 years ago

    The Catholic Charismatic Renewal speak in tongues.

  • Harsh Patel 4 years ago

    look like some forget to cut there nail there at 0:58 seconds!

  • allthepolitix 4 years ago

    ‘there was a guy like that on my train this morning’ XD

  • Dan Williams 4 years ago

    A shame that they didn’t applaud just as much when the Pope finished his
    Golden Rule paragraph.

  • aysbg 4 years ago

    Papacy started in 1054, after Great Schism, before it was Patriarchate of
    Rome since it was only 1 of 5 Patriarchates in original Christian Church,
    which you also know as Orthodox Christian Church. Apart from that – great

  • UZIEL07 4 years ago

    Damn Colbert dropped some fire on congress asking for donations. Damnnnn!!
    Not even biggie had those kind of lines!

  • James Parker 4 years ago

    4:30 ….Did anyone understand what he just said?

  • Potato Battery 4 years ago

    Love him still smelling the marker, brings back good memories of the
    Colbert Report


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