The Podcast Was Almost Called “Conan Christopher Needs A Friend” | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Published on November 10, 2022

Before Conan was on television, someone suggested that he go by “Conan Christopher.” Plus, Conan and Matt discuss their idea for a podcast-friendly snack purse.

Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way. Watch highlights of Conan, Sona Movsesian and Matt Gourley chatting with celebrities and meeting fans, along with special segments like “Review the Reviewers” and “Big Dick History.”

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  • JohnTS 5 months ago

    Take the snacks out of the bag and put them on a bowl.

  • General JellyRoll 5 months ago

    I notice vests now. Quick, everyone send him more vests. His whole family should be wearing one in their Christmas photo.

    I might be wrong but I heard Matt’s name in Harmonton, great insist episode of community btw.

    Did he use to make fake bombs with Jeff as kid?

  • R Albert 5 months ago

    They make pro crinkle free snack bags as proud for movies. Just steal that.

  • Scott Duke 5 months ago

    Perfect podcast food!! Fritos with the texture of marshmellows!!!

  • Amy Grubenla 5 months ago

    “Podcast Pouch” for food.

  • Even Flow Steven 5 months ago

    How about a ziploc bag?

  • DwayneShaw1 5 months ago

    Non-crinkly bag? – it’s been done – they call it a zip-lock baggie ….

  • Maryse Chapdelaine 5 months ago

    Sorry guys, but silicone bags already exist!!!!

  • Gerard ODwyer 5 months ago

    O’Brien, from the Gaelic Ó Briaín, is the fourth most common surname in Ireland. The name originates from the Ó Briaín dynasty of the province Munster. It is directly sourced from Briaín Ború, the 9th century High King of Ireland. Before that Ború was King of Munster. The name Conan dates from the same century and means “hound” or “little wolf”. As Sona might say, “you’re welcome”. Ó Briaín “family” castles still populate the Munster landscape and are most common in counties Clare, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary and Kerry.

  • Jan Bam 5 months ago

    If I get to heaven I’ll look for
    Grandma’s farts

  • Me 5 months ago

    Funny title..I know conan doesn’t need one friend..cause here I am listening and many!

  • Joe Prepodnik 5 months ago

    Instead of using a small cotton bag for snacking, I’m just going to grab a pillowcase and fill it full of Cheetos.

  • Christian S K 5 months ago

    this reminds me of ferris buellers day off with the gummy bear

  • Stefan Marraccini 5 months ago

    This Gorley guy has some mighty big words CoBrien.


    Nice one, Big G. 🤙

    You know, I never hear Conan bust out some serious “enrich your word power” words. One would think that a Harvard Man would be able to actually write and speak in a serious manner…

    What do you have to say for yourself funny man?

    The Northern Inquisitor

  • Brown Gay Methodist Jesus Christ 5 months ago

    I only know his middle name because of Brian Stack

  • Nihal Raj 5 months ago

    i love how at the end it just turns into Rick and Morty writing room 😂😂😂

  • Dan Spalding 5 months ago

    Use hemp or bamboo cloth instead for your soft food pouches for podcasters.

  • My Lucid Life 5 months ago

    A cotton pouch with……. “TAAAAAAAYYYYY—TOS”

    Although, we all know most snacks won’t stay fresh for a long enough period of time if they are packaged in cotton. That is why they use the types of bags they do.

  • zoperxplex 5 months ago

    Conan needs a friend and that friend is the guy who has the 2 billion dollar lottery ticket.


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