The Pentagon’s Failure To Protect Congress Is Coming Into Chilling Focus

Published on March 4, 2021

As the Senate hears testimony about the deadly insurrection on January 6th, the question of why the Joint Chiefs of Staff waited more than 3 hours before sending help looms large over the proceedings. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

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  • Isaac Salazar 2 years ago

    That 1 republican…. 🤦‍♂️😂🤣🤣🤣

  • ding dong the Orange witch is gone 2 years ago

    Maybe.. Just maybe we use parachutes for human landings for a decade or so… Just as a extra Safty.

  • Danny Knight 2 years ago

    Ron Johnson is a real Wang. A true “Johnson” who probably has a small one.

  • Van Nam Dinh 2 years ago

    The unwritten prose inherently squeak because mistake emotionally follow amidst a impolite tabletop. helpless, flagrant submarine

  • fabian mastrapa 2 years ago

    Mr.Einstein never said that quote. please stop permutating it.

  • The FM Club 2 years ago

    The GoP should be declared a terrorist organisation and put on a watch list.

  • E K Daufin 2 years ago

    Love Evie’s laughter, voicemail recording! 😀

  • Strider_2011 2 years ago

    I know u r trying 2 b funny but this is serious stuff

  • Brian O'Shea 2 years ago

    11:47 Ah yes, my dear uncle Patrick.

  • James Davenport 2 years ago

    Looking forward to the Congressional collaborators to be charged.

  • XenomorphsWrath 2 years ago

    just FYI in a functional country any one involved in such talks would be arrested in thoroughly interrogated under suspicion of domestic terrorism. Not a police state, not a dictatorship, just the very much warrented reaction to a threat which has proven to be real.

  • the humus 2 years ago

    Pentagon only move its muscle if US find there is Oil in washington DC

  • Implied Lines 2 years ago

    Wow….Sen “Johnson” that’s a lot of money….almost as much as republicans spent of the F35 that didn’t work and got scrapped…..

  • Chris Albert 2 years ago

    The more you talk to these insurrectionists, the more you understand how they got fooled so easily.
    They’re idiots.

  • Dakwan Benson 2 years ago

    “He cares about the American people, which wounded me… when others and I didn’t get a pardon.” AAAAHAHAHAHAHA xD It’s hilarious how close he is to the truth but yet so far xD

  • Shato Nyruami 2 years ago

    It´s a good thing to end “qualified immunity” Apart from dictatorships the US of A is the only country in the world in which policemen are above the law. There´s nothing better suited to stop police from acting as if they were immune to prosecution than to make them personally liable for their actions.

  • Star Observers 2 years ago

    So republicans passed a 4 trillion bill that was 136,000 foot tall if the dollar bills were stacked up! That’s over half way to the moon.

  • Roy McGregor 2 years ago

    “DAMN YOU, EMPEROR MING!!!” – Elon Musk (probably)

  • Michael Frawley 2 years ago

    I just think you should wear a haircut your mother didn’t pay for

  • dhiton 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, dumb asses are not an endangered species.


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