“The Patient Is Still Recovering” – Sanjay Gupta On America Getting Healthy After The Pandemic

Published on June 16, 2021

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was one of the last guests we had in the Ed Sullivan theater before the pandemic and tonight he makes a triumphant return to sit down in front of a fully-vaccinated audience! Watch as Dr. Gupta reflects on the last 15 months of the pandemic and what we have to look forward to in the future. #Colbert #TheLateShow #SanjayGupta

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  • Hannah Dyson 1 year ago

    At least your recovering…in the UK we are terminally ill.

    I shit you not

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 1 year ago

    Diminish exposure and impact of virus on oneself and others. Diminish, be wary, avoid circumstances that endanger on a vast scale. Then the speed of recovery is quicker.
    OR: ignore it, pretend it’s a political gambit, argue perpetually about petty details, defy any and every authority on egocentric grounds. Then this recovery is going to take a very long time.

  • Kelly R.Tourigny 1 year ago

    America…your Canadian neighbor here..laughing at 600,000 as an accomplishment is fuckin shameful. It came from the FUKIN LAB.Why is this funny? China will have killed ten million human beings when all is said and done.I am so embarrasses for Americans. Stephen…stop defending China in your piece you goof.

  • Cheryl Sibson 1 year ago

    As I’ve said Canada has had a slow recovery of covid. The continuing downward trend in B.C.’s caseload and hospitalizations comes as B.C. enters Step 2 of its reopening plan, loosening some restrictions on travel, fitness and outdoor gatherings. But we still have There are 139 people in hospital with the disease, 39 of whom are in intensive care and lots of surgeries and programs are backlogged for years to come. So with that, maybe by fall, the border will open.

  • bytossen10 1 year ago

    Oh look your next guest is The Joker

  • blue fish 1 year ago

    corona virus was talked about a lot by scientists in the years leading up to the pandemic! There was clearly a problem with people butchering and eating bush meat ! Humans are not meant to get up close and personal with wild animals . The Chinese propensity to eat anything and everything is what caused this . That said , cultivating it in a lab is not beyond the imagination either , although as for being released on purpose I do not believe it was . Anyone who has a biological weapon would make sure they had an antidote first surely!?

  • Lexxy Snow 1 year ago

    The Epoch Times reported that the Chinese Communist Party knew about the SARS-COV-2 virus and buried it in the news for six weeks.

    Watch that again and note when Dr Gupta mentions deception. Did you know that The Epoch Times printing press was firebombed by young men with dark hair, medical masks and skin with a markedly Asian color to it?

    You do the math.

  • TheDahkter Izzin 1 year ago

    Gupta’s the best

  • Fasdl Aejgg 1 year ago

    The possible step-uncle collaterally shock because tv correlatively bump across a righteous addition. lean, afraid snowplow

  • EC 1 year ago

    I’m sorry, but this guy is using lawyered hedging language.
    “I think you got to feel pretty good”…..Not “You’re all good”. Which means he isn’t making any guarantees he can be held to legally.

  • Brian Smith 1 year ago

    Interesting timeline in light of former guy removing our scientists from that Wuhan lab in October just before the outbreak. Very interesting…

  • Lee 1 year ago

    A bit more trustworthy than FAUCI.

  • Ismail Yusof 1 year ago

    Dr Gupta is so wise and very measured with his responses. He should take over one of the key medical or health services agencies.

  • Stephen Cotton 1 year ago

    Great respects to the doctor – when he says there is no evidence that the virus had a lab origin – well that is incorrect. There are several PHD scientists that study viruses for a living – one such scientist based in Hong Kong – that say that DNA sequencing of the virus show signs that the virus had lab origins. And he states that US intelligence have reports of Wuhan lab workers getting sick – well one China based youtuber did a better job of reporting the supposed US intelligence – just by being able to read and write Chinese. This evidence/US Intelligence was openly available on the Chinese intranet – and anyone with the right skills could easily find it. Is it not amazing, that when the Orange monster says Wuhan was the source of the virus, the mainstream media down play it. But now that Mr Orange is gone, that we can now discuss this option and the evidence that is out there? And we wasted 18 months of vital time and energy ignoring this possibility, just so we can say Mr. Orange was bad. What can we learn about all this? How about science not being politicized?

  • tahsin99999999 1 year ago

    What I wonder is, at the begining of the pandemic we were hearing about people passing out on the street. What happened to that semptom?

  • Jennifer Robinson 1 year ago

    It’s nice to see people hugging friends again!!

  • The AJ 1 year ago

    Policy suggestion
    After everyone has been offered the vaccine, let it rip.

    Hate to go all Darwin on y’all, but America doesn’t have a “regular” epidemic as the main problem. It has a “stupid and uneducated, yet very confident” epidemic as its greatest problem.

  • Kcolop is-Polockbackwards 1 year ago

    Would LOVE TO HEAR Sanjay’s thoughts on the boosters; are they inevitable? If they are not taken “on time”, can COVID revitalize? Are boosters going to be available by Fall? What’s the timeframe to expect they are needed? With all these re-openings, is there a chance to re-close if the current vaccines lose effectiveness sooner than expected?

  • David Wolf 1 year ago

    the chinese and the us have been modifying corona well before the leak … they modify in the direction more infection and more letheality … so that they can develope defenses against weaponized viruses from other labs or a natural radical mutation … the transmission rate and lethality of 19 is beyond the normal range of naturally occuring corona virus … most likely it was a weaponized virus that infected wuhan employees first and escaped the lab with them … covid 19 has the earmarks of a weaponized virus from a lab … we were doing the same thing and still do in a lab in texas … and probably elsewhere as well … Wuhan was cited for lousy security proceedures shortly before the outbreak … anyway you cut it millions are now dead all across the globe .,..

  • deviljon 1 year ago

    MRNA technology has huge implications for agriculture too. So long herbicide tolerant weeds.


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