The Party of White Grievance | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 31, 2020

Panelists John Heilemann and Lis Smith join Bill Maher to discuss the future of the Republican Party, should Donald Trump lose the 2020 election.

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  • David Kempton 2 years ago

    Watch Fascist Oligarch Xenophobic News with Fucker KKKarlson and “special” guest DJTJ and his Scream Queen on the White Powder Hour, from 10PM to 10:15. .Record and play back 1/4 speed, the combo of an eight-ball of coke and daddy’s Adderall lets you believe you’re The Flash.
    In The Pan.

  • Joel J 2 years ago

    If Trump loses it will be the second Lost Cause for white racists.

  • Obinna Victor 2 years ago

    It’s funny nobody ask what the Democrats party will be like..when they lose…but of course..the Republicans are always expected to lose

  • CD Smith 2 years ago

    Spot-on. Word for word, Heilemann is dead nuts on the money here.

    However, I am on record having said the GOP is the Party of Trump at least as early as two years ago. No one seemed to listen much back then, are you listening now?

  • mavtek 2 years ago

    These people are so clueless…

  • Anthony Horan 2 years ago

    If the Republican Party go this way, Trump’s main legacy could be 20+ years of Democrat presidents & majorities in both houses of Congress.

  • James Blankenship 2 years ago

    Tucker 2024

  • mark willies 2 years ago

    Watching from a Third World shithole.
    Thats a bleak outlook.
    Then to compound matters having Baby Donnie running for Dear Leader.Leopards in Africa better watch out.
    Imagine his girlfriend as First Nutter.

  • dee dee 2 years ago

    I think everyone forgets it’ll be a landslide election. Trump managed to piss off and divide his own party. + legbtq community, Muslims, women, Hispanics, youths, senior citizens, independents, athletes, military members or families, politicians, Hollywood stars, African Americans, I mean it’s an endless list, and voter turn out proves just how far gone he is in this election. INDEPENDENTS are the majority. Most believe in putting differences aside and reaching an agreement. A pandemic won’t stop Americans.

  • Paul Sommerhalder 2 years ago

    I’m sorry Don Sr., but Don Jr. will surpass you in popularity when he ascends to the Presidency in 2032.

  • Jonathan Blaze 2 years ago

    All 3 of them are exaggerating and way off. IF Trump loses the vast majority of Republicans will move on to someone else. There will be some 20-35% who will continue to worship Trump, but even they will fall in line (as Republicans do) with the next person. For the most part, in America once you lose and have that stench on you, people abandon you. Americans do not hold onto losers.

  • NDallas40 2 years ago

    Wake up people. Make America Sane again!

  • Hayanah 2 years ago

    Trump is not in the Republican Party, he is only in one Party that is the Party of Trump, inc. Republicans need to take their party back.

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot 2 years ago

    Heilemann said what I’ve been saying for 25 years right at 2:11. The Republican Party has devolved since the mid 90’s in to this alternate reality where somehow, being white is the real trauma in America and the only thing worse than being white, is being white and Christian. And these people have nothing but energy for this victimhood and excuse making for their own failing, which is the ultimate irony, as all they do is project their b/s on to everyone else. Trump being the con man he is, found his marks and took advantage of an opening. But like Fox News in the late 90’s…he didn’t invent anything. He merely started catering to the built in base of people that ALREADY EXISTED. JFC people, these are the stock of the people who fought tooth and nail to keep Black people segregated and in second class citizenry during the Civil Rights Movement. They didn’t change their ways and they didn’t help fix the mess they made. They just were silenced by a country that made it uncool to be OPENLY bigoted. Well, once Gingrich and Limbaugh made their rise in the mid-90’s, all that slowly started to change. Now you’re not truly Republican unless you’re openly a piece of shit. So no, it’s not going anywhere. At all.

  • Peter C 2 years ago

    Bill looks it a nasty tooth infection? He looks terrible

  • PirateKitty 2 years ago

    MacDonald Trump is the Regan for the republican party.
    Remember that stupid actor that became the president of all the selfish, and rich that hate paying their share of taxes?
    The ones that still say they want nothing to do with socialism, why collecting welfare, sending their kids to free public schools with free lunches, and bus service.
    Free Medicare, Medicaid, Social security benefits, … I don’t want to write a book here!
    Yes! bite the hand that’s feeding you.

  • cato 2 years ago

    Nothing like having a panel of communist sympathizers to kiss your ass all night Bill.

  • Christian Chapa 2 years ago

    OANN far-right? Now that’s a bunch of bullshit lol 😂

  • Rose Marie Homeyer Bente 2 years ago

    F’ Trump and the Republicans


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