The Oscars, R. Kelly’s Bail – Monologue



  • Jesse Van Duffelen 6 months ago


  • Mark Beck 6 months ago


  • The Music Arena 6 months ago

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    THANK YOU, All

  • vickivale83 6 months ago

    “Rapper” R Kelly ?

  • Kvoth Gamer 6 months ago

    Please return to more monologue clips

  • Barbara Joseph-Adam 6 months ago

    Replace “Late Night with Nobody” with “Late Night with Amber & Jenny” and you’d still keep me as a loyal viewer.

  • New Message 6 months ago

    There’s no way Amber didn’t write that R. Kelly joke. I all but heard it in her voice.

  • New Message 6 months ago

    His voice said ‘Shallow’ but his face said ‘balls deep’.

  • Shawn Barrett 6 months ago

    it is as always i ask about Money and there is major resistance even with Courts??
    what is going on they do not talk monies

    if military are professional killers lawyers and judges are professional liyers myeres tiered
    i do ot want to deal with any judges does not seem they get any one real person who have any consciousness
    they just trained. half of things they said in court today was so useless and the judge doe sot steer even it seem again it is one of the best judges females
    they completely have the agenda that doesnt make any sense and it can get even worst i guess as i pick up those few cases in hall ways
    not family court civil but it is so dull
    they provide no guidance they literally need to show up and get paid on that one case especially when a woman talked about abuse.. form husband of 21 years who seem to just age sooner than her and he prob still find her attractive i have no idea why they do not offer consultations to couples interventions. if teh consultations were ordered by Courts it woudl be more productive peopel think if they go to therapy they are crazy and they are ashamed there get t be no stigma around mental illness. and if ordered by court instead of shamed as intervention a positive one kind of liek anger management but they did not even offer that to a poor guy. in criminal court they have a program
    so what is court exist and theres peel get paid so much cash and literally at te level of 2 year old development when it comes to deal with crisis. and these were not smallest poorest cable in court.
    2 serbs
    to serve
    when someone said we repeatedly rape u and take your brains Aut in order so u divorce you husband and we run the paper work thru
    and manipulate [paper work via duress pressure bullying
    any option avail . that is a game US plays around the word
    like ellen ninja moves scare people and make them jump over hooks and make them scream and do tricks for money. judges and police do just this
    the whole society is brainwashed
    into any thing
    they do any thing for money they act so excited
    shallow land
    lesbians can be shallow basically does not prevent any one to be transvestites gey.
    any person belonging to any club with any type of money isnt an immunity
    same with actors
    it is real their own so app box
    the phone?
    st one
    am i being help or those immigrants
    amazing that judges had no idea and rightfully shaking
    is that haw also they achieve half of confessions ??

    2pee is okey vanei
    marihuana flowers
    or leaves?
    this is brutal US should have n opinion and panish simple people who do not war ad interfere in other count ress elections
    here is mental rapist and he uses president trump
    who blackmails trump why mueller investigation is not saying any thing??
    they take the brain of the nato Aut and pin it on president trump
    by saying democratic slogans
    these are un ethical people
    18 min
    even courts sit there and talk about who moved how where was leg or arm when a small domestic fight result a husband of 21 years get jealous with wife that happened twice supposedly and so
    they need to work with therapist not judges who capitalize on thsi and on keeping judge busy
    the bg problem
    the Venesuale is blocked banks and try to manipulate Venesuella in exchange 4 food ??

  • xtopher foster 6 months ago

    I’m not sure but I don’t think that Kelly fellow is a rapper {per`se} ¿

  • Like Bot 6 months ago

    So, he’s a rapper. Thanks Seth. A person should not need to use Google as a companion to the news. I’ll watch late night talk shows to get my news from now on – you seem to know how to journalism.

  • Seth called RKelly a Rapper 6 months ago

    Seth Meyers called R. Kelly a Rapper… Amber, please let Seth know who R. Kelly is… Smh


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