The Oscars: Fashion Hits & Misses

Published on February 10, 2020

Bevy Smith, Lloyd Boston and Robert Verdi join Wendy to break down the fashion hits and misses from the 92nd annual Academy Awards.
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  • Enrique Garcia Escabi 2 weeks ago

    Shes sooo high in this video! ???crazy petty betch!

  • Guinevere Gaughan 2 weeks ago

    Let’s make lasagna, that’s what that dress says.

  • Castro T 2 weeks ago

    *who farted… ?

  • Kia Martin 2 weeks ago

    ok but is Wendy tripping she seems like she’s uninterested and she is kinda being rude.. she took that man’s glasses how he supposed to see.. idk maybe it’s just me

  • BP 2 weeks ago

    Wendy needs to take a LONG break. She looks so tired of it all. She’s not enjoying her job anymore. All of us have gone through hard times, but being in the public eye is so rough! Everyone wants to give their opinions as if they’re experts of your life. Walking away from a project or a job is not a sign of weaknesses, when it’s time over, it’s time OVER. Keep your sanity intact. Do something else, find your inner Queen. No one will be disappointed, other than yourself. Sending peace and lots of blessings your way Wendy!

  • Sara Larouche 2 weeks ago

    Wendy is such a rude person. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Blah!

  • Maritza Cordova 2 weeks ago

    Cancel Wendy Williams ? She needs rehab

  • Princess Chenny 2 weeks ago

    Hahahha laughing the whole time

  • Patti Harvey 2 weeks ago

    So over her and how ya doin?

  • Jalen Braswell 2 weeks ago

    Listen to my first single!!

  • Arlene Newell 2 weeks ago

    Wendy was like a toddler having to sit through a sermon at church.

  • Dimples D 2 weeks ago

    Bevy with all that thigh…..

  • Tommy Sinclair 2 weeks ago

    Just came to see who’s only pretty from the neck down

    Bevy is great at her descriptions. That Pelosi was hilarious

  • Michele Monfils 2 weeks ago

    Wendy is a miss everyday

  • lenlu007 2 weeks ago

    Wendy…. STRIKES AGAIN!

    How da’ F**K as a Black woman in the “gossip” and entertainment business… YOU DON’T KNOW WHO Cynthia Erivo is?!!!!
    I bet had it been some “obscure” BECKY… Wendy would’ve been FULL ON “Google Mode”… She would’ve known EVERYTHANG about a “Becky”… smdh

    Wendy… chile… bye…

  • Belu 2 weeks ago

    Wendy, what lipstick is that, its perfection. Share please..

  • Justice Betancourt 2 weeks ago

    Wendy is a narcissistic, ego centric person. It’s all about her.

  • Justice Betancourt 2 weeks ago

    Stop doing the show if you’re so unhappy.

  • SassyGirlTW 2 weeks ago

    Kristen Wiig killed her look. I was proud someone had courage on the carpet.

  • Carolyn Thomas 2 weeks ago

    The lady sitting on the left dress is to short. Hail damage hips and thighs.


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