The Oregon Fail



  • alec Green 3 years ago


  • Anthony Demauleon 3 years ago


  • RandomSouthParkChannel 3 years ago

    poopy joe was an inside job

  • cahill mcguire 3 years ago

    Isn’t it just great having Stephen back, I felt lost without him

  • Lucifer 3 years ago


  • StalinBballin 3 years ago

    As a Portland, OR native, that beer joke was gold

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    Oh Bundy and his crazy schemes to get out of having sex with Peg.

  • sasan n 3 years ago

    Can we get 1 muslim to join this “protestors” so we call them
    “terrorists”?! “Militia” MY ASS!

  • Paul Ramos 3 years ago

    Watching Jimmy Fallon’s fakeness so tortuously excruciating, glad Stephen’s

  • markus drake 3 years ago

    incredibly uninformed on the issue and misleading millions of people.

  • 46619TAB 3 years ago

    Welfare queens that hate people sucking the tit of the government.

  • aman haque 3 years ago

    Happy New Year…buddy

  • Oliver G 3 years ago

    fuck all the liberals… its awesome that they took that building…

  • Mandrake 3 years ago

    Damn, and here I thought Oregon was the least batshit crazy state in the

  • starlinguk 3 years ago

    Shoulda been a banjo, really.

  • Saintly Oswald 3 years ago

    If he has the time, Stephen should be our next Attorney General.

  • David Lee. 3 years ago

    Just send them a couple cases of beer and let nature take its course

  • Primalxbeast 3 years ago

    The continual product placement on this show is just bizarre. Stephen was
    better off with his own show where he didn’t have to drop to this level.

  • Pythos Sapunov 3 years ago

    What they expect was a courageous standoff with police and federal
    officers. What they got was their utilities shut off, a blockade and 7
    degree temperatures tonight.

  • Jonathan Taylor 3 years ago

    Let’s conduct an online poll: How many people who support these
    “anti-government” militiamen also believe that Obama is a Muslim, Edward
    Snowden is a traitor, Iraq was behind 9/11, and Donald Trump should be

  • Jjames763 3 years ago

    Good on Colbert for making light of this issue, but the last time there was
    a Bundy-related dust-up, innocent people were shot and killed in Las Vegas-
    including cops- and draped with Nazi propaganda proclaiming “Revolution.”

    This could turn tragic. It just takes one of these nuts going AWOL to have
    another Waco on our hands.

  • Fkkfkf Kdmdmf 3 years ago

    drunk ass rednecks

  • dangerouslytalented 3 years ago

    They climbed BrokeSnack Mountain.

  • Nick Duncan 3 years ago


  • Henry Cuevas 3 years ago

    Hey well as an Oregonian I’m not too offended but yeah Oregon is pretty
    great, I believe we’re the nicest!

  • Sakuragi Rokurouta 3 years ago

    Yokel Haram declaring Yeehawd for 72 cousins in heaven.

  • Michael Winter 3 years ago

    I hope they get some creative fines. #garnish4ever

  • Jack Folan 3 years ago

    the reason the govt didn’t react was because they had their white privilege
    card on them, it’s so obvious…

  • GoodStuffe Nough 3 years ago

    ha ha ha. Keep licking asses of yuor tyrants. Stupid slaves

  • Susan B 3 years ago

    that is not fair to the kids

  • RedCatracho 3 years ago

    Call these fuckers what they are “terrorist”

  • Scitch87 3 years ago

    Does anyone else see the irony in the name of the “Malheur wildlife refuge”
    knowing that Malheur is french for “bad luck” or “misfortune”…. :D

  • Xanth Dorsey 3 years ago

    wow the ignorance of people blows my mind. and then we have this guy
    telling you not to watch to much news. we got a bunch of sheep falling on
    line and even worse these guys are peaceful protest and saying they don’t
    want any issues they want to talk with government. they want to change the
    world for the good I’m not saying everything Cliven says is right and even
    his son has said that not everything his father says is right but they know
    that they don’t want the government to tell them how to live there lives.
    don’t you see that you liberals want you pot legalized but the government
    has its hands in that. you liberals want gay rights to be equal but the
    government has its hands in that. you want this and that to be handed to
    you but you won’t take the extreme legal measures to get the government to
    quit over stepping it’s rights and violating yours. this is a legal protest
    this is a legal militia protected by the constitution and I love how you
    guys want to call them terrorist but have they destroyed anything looted
    anything stolen anything have they killed anyone have they broken any laws.
    because I can name a group who has that has all the liberals attention as a
    good thing and that the black lives matter movement. argue that with logic.

  • BigSmartArmed 3 years ago

    what a cunt, his artistry in being an infotainment whore is just what the
    sheeple are hungry for

  • Michael Peterson 3 years ago

    Lost your edge Stephen. Not even a mere mention regarding the irony that
    these armed men who have taken over a building are not framed as thugs or
    terrorists and they are not being taken seriously by the government because
    they’re white.

  • adebrysi 3 years ago

    Ignorant slack-jawed yokels, waving their guns around because their
    ignorant, country-fried parents never taught them to use their words.

  • John Mastroligulano 3 years ago

    Stephen did you read the comments on your hatchet job without context? Go
    ahead read the comments they are no different that the ramblings you hear
    when people make “right” leaning statements all name calling & recess talk
    instead of any real substance. Just look at what you are fostering
    Stephen(then again your being paid to do this too people) do you really
    believe what you say? Your thoughts may betray you.

  • John Mastroligulano 3 years ago

    You where so vague as to the legal case because if you read the actual
    happenings of the case it would make what you just said look like you are a
    piece of shat. I think you are letting yourself be thrown under the bus
    Stephen. They are telling you to say stuff that is removing any ability for
    you to make change(they may keep you on the air telling you people are
    watching), but that is a lie you will only find out when the lights go out.
    Will Jesus say he knows you & what do you think this means.

  • InLaymansTerms 3 years ago


  • PlantsVSjunior 0 3 years ago

    ITS HARD TO SAY this… but STEPHEN is a solid part of my life/humor

  • PlantsVSjunior 0 3 years ago

    Kimmel: great guy
    Fallon: fake as hell

  • Martha Anderson 3 years ago

    black men with guns = thugs
    brown men with guns = terrorists
    white men with guns = Militia

    how noble

    what a world.

    Maheur is a remote and lovely place and it would be sad to see it harmed by
    domestic grazing. It is a long way from anywhere, I doubt anyone is going
    to run down to hand them some food

  • CRENSHAW PETE 3 years ago

    6221 Osage Avenue.

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    Of course, they’re only interested in the white part of the Oreos.

  • Sean Ferris 3 years ago

    SAFE SPACE… Get out you vile PC liberals… You guys are not allowed in
    my SAFE SPACE!

  • Greener DAZE 3 years ago

    Coonskin eh, the racist remarks are real #RaccoonLivesMatter

  • Juan C. 3 years ago

    this is why your ratings are down

  • VitaReduXX 3 years ago

    lot of lols were had..thanks stephen

  • Field Marshal Fry 3 years ago

    Y’all Qaeda don’t have any food, they were too busy packing guns and forgot
    to bring any!

  • Deep Ashtray 3 years ago

    Lets see how our thoughts and prayers get them through the winter.

  • spaceroliste 3 years ago

    Fun fact: Malheur is a French word. It means “misfortune” or “shitty things
    that happen”

  • the wforce 3 years ago

    Rando, Pervin, and Krampus haha

  • CardSearcher911 3 years ago

    So, is Stephen trying to feed them or give them diabetes? Or both?

  • GreatBigRanz 3 years ago

    Send in the National Guard! Bradly’s MRAPs, the whole nine yards, then have
    the soldiers break out grills and beer. Grill anything that can be grilled.
    Steak, chicken, sausages, chops, even pizza and bacon, then lay out about
    four or five dozen card tables and start playing games. Any game at all,
    poker, Hearts, Dungeons & Dragons, ShadowRun, even Cards Against Humanity.
    And most important of all, invite the militia guys, the only condition,
    once all the fun is over they have to head straight home, no harm, no foul.

  • Jack Schmit 3 years ago

    Yes invite people to send you possibly drugged food so that the cops can
    remove you without issue, great idea Bundy!

  • cm b 3 years ago


  • Gabriel Moline 3 years ago

    Protesters? Really? This was very disappointing.

  • AngelicaSpyro 3 years ago

    I’m going to say that those arsonists deserved to go to jail. They
    destroyed government property. I just hope those protesters don’t do
    anything to the wildlife.

  • Devlin Burgess 3 years ago

    I hope that the Oreo’s they get are the crappy vanilla ones, just for that
    added bit of spite.

  • Steveazencho 3 years ago

    Send them some s’more schnapps

  • Gnarly Army 3 years ago

    i had no flipping clue stephen was deaf in his right ear. I knew it was
    shaped weird but

  • Cecilia Prado 3 years ago

    Stephen is back!

  • AZ Outcast 3 years ago

    Long past time to round all all the treasonous polygamites and quarantine
    them in Utah. They have been at war with this country since the government
    made them accept “one man, one woman” in the 1800s. The govt. missed a
    chance to purify the Earth by taking out Cliven. Maybe there will be a
    second chance and all these ammosexuals can be exterminated for the vermin
    they are.

  • MrAgility888 3 years ago

    I love how a group of heavily armed white men holding up a refuge is called
    a militia. I bet if there was even one non-Caucasian person, the group
    would be identified as terrorists.

  • 1128ca88stb 3 years ago

    Send them meatlovers pizzas laced with laxatives.

  • shmaveyea 3 years ago

    Pshhhht, get your own snacks! Quit looking for hand-outs, this ain’t a
    welfare state. Get a job, buy your own snacks.

  • No Newfriends 3 years ago

    Why not return the land to the natives if that is what their fight is for.

  • Wise Albatross 3 years ago

    Went out, bought some ores’s. Product placement successful.

  • one step 3 years ago

    heavily armed and they show 1 pistol..
    lots of racism on this thread. its ok though as long as its racism against
    white guys trying to protest the government stealing peoples land and
    locking up americans as terrorists that have done less than 100$ damage.
    who cares about the children that wont have a father for 5 years or the 76
    year old that might die in prison… and who cares if the government steals
    the land as long as its not the peoples on this thread right? i hope you
    all get your land stolen one day i hope it happens to stephen colbert also
    🙂 when you know the actual facts of what the BLM is doing to the ranchers
    (hundreds of ranchers) and the families of the people.. you all seem to
    support the government doing this shit.. wow

  • Jonathan Billings 3 years ago

    THis is a funny bit, i enjoy it, but anyone who wants to be informed and
    make your on conclusion, just type in “The Truth About The Oregon Rancher
    Standoff” on you tube

  • KWPRS Paranormal (KalmWolf) 3 years ago

    You are an Anti American POS try reporting the real reason that the BLM is
    stealing land from the citizens IE. ranchers SO HOPE YOU WAKE UP . And for
    your disgusting followers that reply as you do when their time comes they
    will change their tune sad to see so many liberal assholes here

  • Shamary Edwards 3 years ago

    I’m disappointed in you Stephen.


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