The Opening Monologue Of ‘Russia Week’

Published on July 18, 2017

Stephen kicks off ‘Russia Week’ with a deep dive into the prized jewel of Russia: the Trump administration.

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  • That Cathedral Guy 1 year ago

    I love these vids, they’re what keeping me actually happy now. Somehow. Thanks Colbert you are the best comedian in the world

  • fidorover 1 year ago

    BREAKING: After Trump Fiasco, Russia To Raise Minimum I.Q. Requirement For All Future “Useful Idiots.”

  • Jason Blade 1 year ago

    I am early so a simple message:
    Trump for Prison 2017.

  • Aditya Joshi 1 year ago

    I think at this point Patrick Star From Spongebob would run the country better

  • Get Rekt 1 year ago

    **Project Veritas releases manipulatively edited videos of CNN admitting there was no collusion with Russia**
    Trump supporters: See! We now have all the evidence we need to prove that there was no collusion with Russia! Trump was right again! #MAGA

    **Donald Trump jr admits he attempted to collude with Russia**
    Trump supporters: This is just a big witch hunt! But her emails! But Obama! You’re just a libtard who can’t get over the election!

  • Tweety Tweety 1 year ago

    Alert: This is russia week. So, all the russian bots, repub-trolls, trumpanzees are advised to stay away from the comment section. Kindly don’t spread your shit here. You got fox news for that.

  • Meelek Edits 1 year ago

    Wait. So it is all out now? I mean its self-evident ,right? So….. why is no one in prison yet ?? I’ll go on a rampage, if they get away with this much bullshit. Fucking Republicans are too proud so they cover for him, it’s disgusting.

  • Victoria 1 year ago

    He missed the chance to call the lawyer a taller Monopoly man.

  • EQ-smoove 1 year ago

    Russian Shark Week. When a Talk Show Host is More Honest and Funny than the Two Most Powerful Governments in the World.

  • sizzler21 1 year ago

    “This is the first time a Trump has lied about having a smaller crowd size.” 😀

  • socrappyicoulddie 1 year ago

    Ty Cobb is a satirist’s DREAM.

  • zen 123 1 year ago

    when it comes to the _entire_ Trump administration “there is not much intelligence to counter”

  • BdR76 1 year ago

    4:36 They really went overboard with the “alter ego” name jokes for Ty Cobb xD LOL

  • Bubbas Gift 1 year ago

    “jump the shark” week

  • pureple snow 1 year ago

    “Where’s the fire?”
    “Up in your brain Mr. President”

  • Shreakinghawk Jv 1 year ago

    daaaamn Steve you’re roasting the shit outta that lawyer hahaha

  • Maester Laemon 1 year ago

    I wonder if Putin worries about how to get the orange stains off his c*ck…

  • 장혜지 1 year ago

    Ty Cobb is my new favorite thing of the week.

  • GradeA's Kid 1 year ago

    Cyka Blyad! Davai Pidaras Trump! Rush B!

  • Camila Stefanie 1 year ago

    “when it comes to Donald Jr there’s not much intelligence to counter”

    this is it. the line to end them all


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