The Noninfluence of Video Games on Gun Violence | The Daily Show

Published on March 8, 2018

President Trump holds a roundtable on gun violence in video games despite studies that show no correlation between the two.

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  • MrSoullessness 1 year ago

    Last i checked it wasnt kids who turned manhunt into a game of lynching innocent people.

  • David Long 1 year ago

    Your wrong on this one Trevor

  • Reese Jackson 1 year ago

    Let’s get rid of shooter games…..but not real guns….. that will fix it😂

  • rolling_stoner 1 year ago

    Movies make us as violent as video games

  • Diana Lapin 1 year ago

    Played sims for 16 years. Still haven’t joined the gaming career nor attained homeownership lol

  • Océane 1 year ago

    Christ… I just finished playing LA Noire, do you think I wanna be a cop in the 50’s??? puh-lease

  • Michelle C 1 year ago

    Yes Trevor u do have a real, nice butt ❤

  • Kiabil .L 1 year ago

    This just in. Trevor Noah arrested for throwing pigeons at the president. Reason for doing it, he claims “i thought it was a pig, i was following the game instuctions.”

  • ReggaeMusicisForYou 1 year ago

    The excessive video playing leads to apathy. Excessive accessibility to guns + apathy = more gun violence. Increase access in Japan and see how quickly the stats change. Definitely need stricter controls AND less gaming. The earth is suffering. Creative focus on making it better is what’s needed from every one…not wasting time being dumbed down with useless games.

  • Large Soda 1 year ago

    yeah, because when I commit school shootings, I think of fortnite, csgo and doom, not gun training or the agenda of why Im shooting in the first place.

  • Steven Church 1 year ago

    lol so I can agree with most of the Florida guns, but why no bump stocks?

  • Gargoyle One 1 year ago

    They blame everything but the actual cause of the problem…

  • Duane Nickerson 1 year ago

    “Your my dude, right”- GTA5 character

  • Info Wars 1 year ago

    GOD bless President Trump 🙂 Everyone loves President Trump 🙂

  • 15 seconds of truth 1 year ago

    Remember when this show was funny?

  • dayrohan 1 year ago

    So according to Republicans you can get a gun at 18 but video games is what they want to ban them.

  • BustaNutzz 5150 1 year ago

    My opinion, video games are very cool! I don’t think the violence is due to these games! I think all the gun violence comes from an internal influence! People are to busy to educate their kids on manners,respect,and be a productive individual! Now I am a gun owner and a single father. Now I’m not claiming to be the perfect human. I could leave my guns loade in plain sight,in the kitchen drawer,also behind a door. Now I showed my kids by letting them see. When they asked I was firm in educating them about the dangers of a weapon in general. Whether it be a knife,gun,or bat. Now I’ve caught them being curious,but a good warming of the backside,solved that. Now I never beat my kids silly,just a reminder of what I said. It was told to them basically don’t “F” with Daddy’s stuff. Till this day they know my guns stay loaded,but never have or did I raise them to pick up a weapon in anger. Now the solution to the gun violence is not due to video games. It’s due to the hatred children live through. Abusive parents, family predators maybe! Look at the parents of these weird shooters. Look and see the evidence is there. I was 1 of those kids. So you kinda get an idea of why I’m writing this. I was a lost individual myself, sometimes I still feel off track. Never did I go into a church or stores and take my fustrations out on others. These Congressman an politicians or whatever the can be called. These people barely interact with their own damn kids. So how they gonna know what is a video game is doing. From the president on down to a counsel man disgust me. All these people fishing for votes, passing laws to see who gonna have their hand in the cookie jar first. It’s very easy for these jerk wads to blame a video game.what they need to do is stop chasing underage boys an girls an focus on something really important. Focus on how the president promotes hatred, violence,rape, lying,. Focus on how the president is demonizing people. Focus on how the president is ready to kill asylum seekers. Focus on the problems all these big wigs are creating in Venezuela. Focus on how much money these people stand to make from this oil reserve. Focus on impeaching this mental patient y’all call a president. Wtf is wrong with these goofy so called Americans. America is full of lying , thieving alcholic politicians,an their worried about a video game. My apologies I took off on a rant. Thank you for reading.

  • Sandals Guy 1 year ago

    I remember when the daily show made me laugh now I just sigh its like John stewert was that cool kid behind the bowling ally and this is our new school principle

  • JaWBReaKeR 707 1 year ago

    Going the way of japan would require white America to kick everyone else out. Being that japan is nearly completely ethnically homogeneous. Venesuela also has some of the strictest gun laws. A bit different tho.

    Im all for sensible gun laws, its just that the mainstream left has no clue as to what those are.

  • TheSilverPhoenix100 1 year ago

    Never forget it was Hillary Clinton who started this retarded debate


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