The Next Debate Will Feature Hillary, Bernie and Mumford & Sons (sp?)



  • ThePicoypala 3 years ago


  • Alex M 3 years ago


  • Kurt Lo 3 years ago



  • Clayton Bailey 3 years ago


  • A9000'sViewingChannel 3 years ago

    Last time I came this early my girlfriend got pregnant.

  • nanamieg 3 years ago

    Why is Stephen so biased? It’s sickening..

  • Jacob D Wunsch 3 years ago

    Feel the Bern.

  • 7searchful 3 years ago

    his name’s got 2 M’s (0.o)?… Munchkin Mustard?

  • lukdod73 3 years ago

    Any jokes about Clinton?

  • non jon 3 years ago

    Bernie 2016.Hillary is a liar

  • ShowbizMinotaur 3 years ago

    to bias

  • Shwah Kram 3 years ago

    It’s too bad Stephen has lost touch with his backhanded endorsements for
    Hillary. He’s rich, he can afford another Clinton the rest of us can’t.

  • FoxJupiter 3 years ago

    I don’t like Bernie Sanders getting made fun of, Colbert seemed like he was
    just forced to say it.

  • kiri4 play 3 years ago

    iam russian

  • Drew Thwrearr 3 years ago

    for those of you complaining about the lack of jokes about hilary keep one
    thing in mind. Colbert is CONSTANTLY giving Bernie attention. If you think
    that’s a bad thing then you aren’t seeing the big picture. by mentioning
    him more its giving him more publicity and in a way more media attention.
    don’t fret over little things otherwise we’re no better than the sickening

  • colin 839 3 years ago

    lets have a vote

  • Mayheamk K 3 years ago

    John dickerson is great and professional but he doesnt ask the hard
    question like bob schieffer unfortunately! I suspect he’s also afraid of
    trump :(

  • Unequivocally Humoured 3 years ago

    does it strike anyone as strange that if Sanders were to implement his
    ideas into reality when in office, he is risking adding a 14 trillion
    dollar deficit to the already avalancing debt crisis? I’m all for Bernie
    and his ideals in abstract but when it comes down to business, how is he
    actually going put his money where his mouth when America literally

  • Lenaloha 3 years ago

    Feeling the Bern right about now

  • MRostendway 3 years ago

    Colbert used to fight the Two party system..

    Now he is part of the peoblem the way he sucks Hillarys Dick..

  • HeldDerNamenslosen 3 years ago

    Are you people insane? A few jokes about Bernie are proof of Colbert´s
    involvement in a giant Clinton conspiracy?
    Not a Clinton fan myself, but you guys need to chill the fuck out. It´s a
    comedy show

  • prabasha thilakaratne 3 years ago


  • Lee 3 years ago

    Fuck Colbert. Bernie for president!

  • Alexander Smith 3 years ago

    Hey Guys, wondering what that joke meant? “Evitably” means capable of being

    So lets make it happen everybody.

  • Necrodox 3 years ago

    I love John. Go John.

  • wddr12 3 years ago

    That is why you will never be Jon Stewart. Biased and on the clinton

  • Salud.y.Vida 3 years ago

    Inevitably… Really!?

  • Peewee Mcmerm 3 years ago

    Can Colbert moderate? The process for both parties has been a joke anyway.
    At least Colbert will make it a less depressing one.

  • Martinez Media 3 years ago

    I keep thinking i can watch this on the ComedyCentral app

  • jeff4justice 3 years ago

    My prediction : the 2-party system will continue to fall. The end.

  • zelenar1 3 years ago

    Oh god I have honestly just forgotten the third guys name even though it
    was said a few mins ago.

  • Not Joe (Nacho) 3 years ago

    Jon or John hehehe

  • Maino1 3 years ago


    He’d just sit there on the radio telling us bedtime stories every night
    like FDR.

  • Andrew Holmes 3 years ago

    This makes me miss the report.

  • Jason “Professor” Fennec 3 years ago

    CBS really wants Hillary to win. That’s an even bigger reason NOT to vote
    for her.

  • Indrit Muja 3 years ago

    That Bernie impression ??????????????

  • NiocoNiO 3 years ago

    How come they never make fun of Hillary Clinton? I hope, that they at least
    ask some Hillary-critical questions on the debate.

  • Pete McCharles 3 years ago

    3:44 Yes, really, the “applause” sign lit up. Really.

  • Gar Funkle 3 years ago


  • Scared Bent 3 years ago

    AWWW you had to replace your hopeful Bush from the Box of 3 … Sure you
    cried over that you fukin sell-out!
    Oh WAIT he was in the second BOX of 3!! Quite the way to prove that you are
    a sell-out your Lord Propaganda.
    You fool some you SOB … but less and less everyday. 360 what days till
    the election? By then I predict your show being canceled . Hows that for
    cornball !

  • Field Marshal Fry 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders in the Abandoned Colonies, the socialists are in power in
    Portugal, Greece, France and the majority of Mediterranean nations (with
    only Spain to go), despite constant media attacks Jeremy Corbyn is gaining
    popularity here, only Germany and Eastern Europe hold out, the left is on
    the rise…

  • Vyth Riel 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is going to dominate on Twitter. He’ll continue talking
    about the issues and Hillary Clinton will be telling one truth on the
    debate stage, that she has a vagina.

  • Matthew Hager 3 years ago

    These comments are embarrassing. #FuckTheBern

  • Qstyles18 3 years ago

    #HillaryIsAFake #FeelTheBern Bernie Sanders 2016!

  • Mutton Man 3 years ago

    lets make fun of every other candidate but not our precious corrupt Hillary
    who has her fingers in a lot of pies including cbs.

  • Scared Bent 3 years ago

    Feel the Burn in the diaper is way more Politically Correct … for the
    burning crap Bernie made in them diapers and the babies that do the same in
    their own obvious diapers that support him. I love seeing all these
    dumb-ass babies supporting a communist. We had the baby boom and now it
    looks like we have the baby kaboom. UGGG… we need these Libs out so we
    can actually educate our people . In the 19th century 6th graders had to
    pass a test to graduate to the 7th grade. FACT.. most collage students that
    GRADUATED can’t past this test today. Makes you think doesn’t it?
    When are the people going to wake up and see that the MSM is totally
    corrupt and BIG GOV is VERY BAD for our future. This is the exact reason
    why the founding Fathers made our Government into branches , so that one
    does not corrupt the next. All those that can’t see its time to elect a
    NON-established Republican are brainwashed or just evil. Evil , in like
    that dumb ass above.

  • Scared Bent 3 years ago

    It’s not a tradition for the democrats to not beat up the media because the
    media (MSM) is just as corrupt as the Big Gov established Democratic party!
    Get it right you SOB’s!
    God , You sicken most Americans MSM… you are waking up slowly … but
    surely .

  • Decapitated Angel 3 years ago

    Lol Sanders isn’t getting the nomination you faggots

  • Carlos Callejo 3 years ago

    It’s a shame that Colbert is bought out by his corporate overlords.

  • Panya Playha 3 years ago

    Did Stephen just name drop Malamar? Is he a Pokemon fan?

  • Kyle Silver 3 years ago

    Colbert was trying so hard to make the interview interesting, but Dickerson
    is about as interesting as a block of wood

  • Evelina999 3 years ago

    It’s completely irrelevant to the topic, but that reporter has the most
    cheerful smile ever. He actually made me smile while watching this.

  • Fredrick Green 3 years ago

    I’ve never met an actual Hillary supporter because they’re just as fake as
    she is.

  • Steveazencho 3 years ago

    Awesome Bernie imitation

  • poppaDehorn 3 years ago

    debate? more like bernie sanders says something, everyone cheers and hilary
    does her best to repeat him and cackle.

  • Erika Sun 3 years ago

    It bothers me immensely that both Steven Colbert and Trevor Noah treat
    hillarys nomination as an inevitability. It bothers me that they might be
    in hillarys pocket because of the money their companies give her. It
    bothers me that a man I so admire might be in hillarys and his company’s
    pocket. It bothers me as he becomes part of an increasingly corrupt system.
    Mr. Colbert – you’ve disappointed me.

  • grass hopper 3 years ago

    Hillary will getting berned alive once again and show she’s just a joke for
    big corporation, and the media will again claim she won when the polls say

  • blurglide 3 years ago

    Why have a debate when they don’t disagree about anything?

  • Myo swe 3 years ago

    hmmm that was nice

  • Distracted Observer 3 years ago

    Marco Rubio couldn’t be more right when he said that the biggest SuperPac
    Hillary has is the Mainstream Media.
    Colbert isn’t part of that but he does clearly push for Hillary, just like
    most people you see on TV.
    They care more about having a woman president than someone capable… It’s
    a real shame.

  • TheWSGman 3 years ago

    Hilary voted for the unnecessary deaths of half a million of the worlds

    She is either ignorant or evil.

    Either way, a fucking war criminal.

  • Emil Z 3 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Bernard Czajkowski 3 years ago

    That batman impression was spot on.

  • Zed Flanders 3 years ago

    Register to vote in your states primary election folks. Sanders 2016!

  • Wigfield84 3 years ago

    Enough with the Hillary bias whining!!! This is a comedy show, that makes
    jokes about politics….not a political show. Stephen can support whoever
    he wants and he doesn’t owe it to us to support Bernie (and he might, when
    it actually matters… know….like in the year of the actual
    election?) I support Bernie, but I don’t need Stephen to fight my battles.
    You want change? Every single one of you who won’t shut up about bias in
    the media toward Hillary had better be at the caucus in March! If you don’t
    show, then you have no right to bitch. I’ll be there standing tall for
    Bernie, I phone bank, organize, and have worked a lot with my local Bernie
    group. I actually think Stephen is somewhat more moderate than a lot of
    people think. After all, the majority of his family are republicans and
    that was what he was raised on. He’s definitely left leaning, but maybe he
    doesn’t support Bernie’s policies, maybe he does….we’ll see. He’s not a
    CBS talking piece though, I guarantee it. I can also guarantee he will be
    making fun of Hillary throughout the rest of this process.

  • randomflashbacks 3 years ago

    Martin O’Malley disliked this video.

  • Naryan Robinson 3 years ago

    Such a lovely guy!

  • Eugene Mathius 3 years ago

    Man, Bernie is decent but every other candidate this year sucks

  • GrandNoble 3 years ago

    We love Bernie! #FEELTHEBERN

  • Robert Jenkins 3 years ago

    I have to upvote this just because of the title of the video. “Mumford and
    Sons (sp?)”

  • Inform The People/#Bernie2016 3 years ago

    Register to vote online. Your vote DOES count!!!

  • BeepDerpify 3 years ago

    ‘no matter where you are on the polls’
    Tell that to Lawrence lessig :(

  • Racist Bassist 3 years ago

    Clinton was against gay marriage in 2004, she voted to invade Iraq and
    voted for the “Patriot” act. VOTE BERNIE, the true progressive!!!

  • NeverDelete 3 years ago


  • Keyser Soze 3 years ago

    Colbert you evil reptilian hack, how dare not to suck Bernie dick (even
    trougth you have never say something bad about her) and how also dont dare
    you no to attack hillary that evil baby-eiting-benghazi-witch, is as you
    have restriction, you should do a kamize attack and destroy your carrer,
    your a hack, is not as if you have a long history and reputation of
    condemning all political wrongdoing, you paddy-wagon-prick

  • RedCatracho 3 years ago

    I want Jon Stewart to moderate the debate.

  • Marcelo Cardoso 3 years ago


  • Adhiraj Sharma 3 years ago


  • thedarkbatty 3 years ago

    God I fucking hate Shillary.

  • dingdingdingdiiiiing 3 years ago

    I don’t think you guys are really fed up with the corruption and the flawed
    system and all so you need a really bad, corrupt president to win, who will
    have the majority in congress, and the support of the biggest corporations,
    so I guess he’ll have to be republican – who will hopefully take things too
    far and bring the country to the edge, then maybe everybody will wake up
    and open their eyes. Or maybe this is a pessimistic view and Bernie will
    against all odds swipe cut those thick ties that go from government to
    private sector…

  • Amos Andy 3 years ago

    Stephen, damn it. How did the GOPs pick on the moderators on the CNBC
    debate? It was completely the other way around.

  • Herb Toker 3 years ago

    The canned laughter is a little too much on this one…

  • PimpManFan 3 years ago

    #FeelTheBern :)

  • Tim Clarke 3 years ago

    whos martin omalley? and secondly bernie is a lunatic and hillary well im
    glad my state wrote protections for our firearms 🙂 the least amount of gun
    violence in the states muhahahaha and we are weapons free to engage :)


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