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  • lolster 292 3 years ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t talk about the massive gender gap in esports. It’s pretty obvious, especially for games like CS GO, OW, COD, etc.


    3:45 OWL!

  • Concerned 3 years ago

    I thought this video will be like a new game making waves or something. Didn’t expect a generic esport surprise video.

  • N N 3 years ago

    I had no idea you were good at tennis. That’s a huge accomplishment to be in the top 1000!

  • Mike taerte 3 years ago

    Basketball is stupid too but people watch it hence its a sport

  • Friedrich Nietzsche 3 years ago

    Here are some heads up for the common unfamiliar people.

    1.- videogames (some of them. not all) are now considered an 2nd category olimpic sport.

    2.- More precisely competitive videogames are a *Mental Sport* , Chess has the same category (also the same olimpic category which i disagree but i’m not the one who classify that.).

    3.- Olimpics will include more and more mental sports because it is what most young people compete and cares more about in recent years, this doesn’t mean traditional sports will disappear or shit like that, it only means that traditional sports will or may need to evolve a little to appeal to more younger audiences that aren’t indoctrinated by parents to like the traditional sports naturally.

    4.- Not all videogames are considered mental sports , i want to remark this cause some of you out there will claim that viva piñata or harvest moon are not competitive (and at some extend speedrunning would have a chance to make those games kinda competitive but anyway) in this specific timespan of 20 years til now games like Quake 3, Starcraft 1&2, Counter Strike, Dota 1&2, LoL, Warcraft 3, USF4, SFV, etc. are some examples of mental sports that require more than just clicking buttons randomly.

    For those of you that would still argue about this, i would assume that you all who like traditional sports like to drive and you like to watch races, well racing it is classified as a 2nd category Olympic dexterity, would you argue that it is harder to place high on nascar than to beat kasparov ? think about it.

  • john doe 3 years ago

    The dog died.

  • msms47 3 years ago

    lol this is cearly not a sport but its a comoetion . u do not have to call it sport for it to be legit . sports need body movement

  • HaichaoTeaLover 3 years ago

    Nothing will ever change my mind that esports aren’t sports, sorry. I know the official definition was changed in more recent years to call ANY competitive activity a “sport” (to include stuff like chess, and now video gaming) but originally “sport” was a physical activity, an athletic contest, not ANY contest that you want to slap that label onto. So those gamers can have as many matches as they want, make as much money as they want, have as many fans as they want – it’s never gonna be a SPORT regardless.

  • Matthew Stinar 3 years ago

    If people want to watch you play a game, it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing. It’s for the fans. Whether you okay video games for a living or foot ball for a scholarship, none of it would happen without the fans. That said, I don’t know why anyone would watch the Super Bowl or World Cup or Esports Championship Series.

  • YASH SINGH 3 years ago

    Dota 2 for life man!!

  • Joshua Chen 3 years ago

    I’ve lost hope when he says the team star was taco

  • GravitySloth 3 years ago

    Esports are not Sports. They’re competitive games

  • kazemizu 3 years ago

    The King’s Avatar

  • Mikko Korhonen 3 years ago

    if Taco keeps improving he also might reach #864 in the world

  • Martin Dirk Zimmer 3 years ago

    Kosta ftw

  • The Realist 3 years ago

    Is chess a sport? I would class e gaming in the same realm as chess.

  • Christian Castro 3 years ago

    ESports will take over the fucking sorts in no more then 10 years

  • Jullien Lopez 3 years ago

    He really say he kill people with his one finger?

  • Brian Gills 3 years ago

    Great episode, I just invested in esports. I could’nt find Fox’s company in the market. He must be doing very well, I’m happy for him.

  • I Mohammed 3 years ago

    I’m into gaming and all. But i dont think e-sports is a sport. I dont think that even gaming is a sport. There are alot of similarities but core differences. Like for eg: Activity and health. If you play basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cricket etc. it builds up your stamina and keeps you fit. Sitting and gaming infront of a blue screen for hours deteriorates it. There are the tournaments, the audience, the money and all but personally i feel that gaming is not a sport.


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