The NBA’s Full-Court Drama with China | The Daily Show

Published on October 9, 2019

China lashes out at the NBA after the Houston Rockets general manager tweets in support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and Ronny Chieng addresses the Chinese government directly.

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  • Th3 Epcplayer 8 months ago

    The NBA sold their soul in the name of making money, and it was all for nothing as they still lost their business in China.

  • hao pan 8 months ago

    Ronny is brilliant.

  • Cargo me 8 months ago

    Trevor Noah and his program are probably using the ‘smartest way’ to show the point. not sure if people get it or not, hard work and very careful design behind this show.

  • Ariel Nunez 8 months ago

    Just like what happened with Blizzard.

  • 张富 8 months ago

    Supporting the freedom and independence of the states of the United States, supporting the Indians to take back their own territory. The 9/11 incident is considered to be a great war of faith. I support Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s actions in the United States. They are for national freedom for the faith. And fight! If the United States can allow my remarks, I believe that there is true freedom of speech.

  • Rodney 8 months ago

    Americans bowing to Mamon

  • Nux Taku 8 months ago

    Fuck the China government. Like if you agree

  • Gordon Fleeman 8 months ago


  • Altrunchen 8 months ago

    The moral is: don’t do stuff in China. Don’t get used to success there, because it can be taken away in an instant. The PRC is like a drug dealer, don’t let them hook you.

  • Johnny Walker 8 months ago

    Luv Ronnie

  • Roberto Montano 8 months ago

    ??? I’m an idiot headass

  • Kavita Jaggernauth 8 months ago

    Ahhh, “Bow down to the almighty China (Big Bully), To hell with human rights in Hong Kong, its all about the Benjamin’s, isn’t that right? Money trumps everything else.

  • GGR TheMostGodless 8 months ago

    “Americans” speak of freedom as if they actually know what it is… yet every year they lose more and more of their freedoms, Patriot Acts, jailing wise blowers, closing down or denying free media, and what not.

  • Young Prince 8 months ago

    Translation ?

  • HolyKidding800 8 months ago

    Everyone on the media shows an opinion (whatever that is) is earning money for showing it. Everyone avoiding talking about it can lose a lot of money by talking about it. Your Butt Dominates Your Brand…

  • Michael 8 months ago

    Xi and Vinnie are twins, though

  • sweetboo1022 8 months ago

    Fuck the Chinese Government. Evil shits

  • Tabrez Moorad 8 months ago

    Sounds very similar to Trump and sanctions… I’m still waiting to say i told you so

  • Ariel S 8 months ago

    Before asking why Chinese ppl are so easy to be offended, pls ask why US companies likes getting on the nerves of Chinese issues so much? What’s happening in HK now is definitely not pro-democracy movement but riot. If that Philly man likes HK so much he should go back to HK now and see how these ppl are doing. Wow surprise surprise the city’s not functioning, stores destroyed, subway bombed, ppl fight each other to hell. If you want to stand with them then stop cheap talk, go to the city and enjoy the scene

  • tech aze 8 months ago

    Show some respect other than forcing others to accept your value and thoughts.
    Donald Sterling get punished for his freedom of speech.
    And you don’t wanna apologize because it’s the Chineses been insulted not American?
    I don’t think so.


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