The My Pillow Guy – Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse | The Daily Show

Published on June 17, 2021

Jordan Klepper travels to Wisconsin to a rally hosted by Mike Lindell to hear all about the latest election fraud claims and goes head-to-head with the My Pillow guy himself. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #MikeLindell



  • MCouper 2 years ago

    The Bigfoot show analogy was so on point that it left Lindell speechless. Great job Jordan!

  • Darkgodof300man 2 years ago

    Im sorry to say this americans, but america is a joke. It is a complety madness there. A very beautifull place with alot mad people in power.

  • Linda Sterling 2 years ago

    It sickens me to watch a drug addict go on and on about the loser “45” when he knows it’s a con. Klapper does a great job exposing them and they are too dumb to know it. Imagine the shame their future generations will (or should) feel if they view these clips.

  • dyskover 2 years ago

    Are pillow sales going up?

  • jones 2 years ago

    *_Trump shall indeed become the rightful President of these United States in August. Jesus shall return and dance the Macarena ’til the break of day, whilst pigs grow wings and fly into the sunset. Santa Claus will chase the Tooth Fairy around and around the water cooler, while dogs play Vivaldi concertos on the violin. Every hit song of Ray Stevens will become absolutely true, while all the mighty Velveeta King’s farts shall smell like dear old Aunt Teefa’s fresh hot ricochet biscuits, straight from the oven. And fish will learn to whistle._*

  • Ten Bird Nim 2 years ago

    How is US the strongest nation on earth with these many idiots? How is that possible?
    Astounded that there are these many idiots in USA. How much stronger US will be without these deplorables?

  • xiholliday 2 years ago

    Honestly… I think Mike Lindell is the most genuine person on the right. This man truly believes he is doing the right thing and making the world better, dude actually got a fly over for his rally. He isnt a liar, he isn’t misleading these days, I like him. He’s trying

  • Howard Brown 2 years ago

    These people are nuts

  • The Magnificent Whiskerbiscuit 2 years ago

    Hi, Billy Mays here from beyond my grave of Shamwow towels to tell you.. If you need to clean yourself of the filth of your experience of this my pillow guy.. Shamwow is a great towel to absorb all the water this man wants and desperately need you to hold and drag!! Try it today!😂👍

  • Opaqueandblue From my phone 2 years ago

    Well, I’ll give the my pillow guy some credit, he caught on pretty quickly to what Jordan was doing. Well fast for a crazy republican. Of course it’s obvious Jordan lost his patience and just went into him

  • Adhi Yudha Mulia 2 years ago

    I still remember when I imagine USA is a land of great and land of superheroes. And now it becomes land of dumbs and garbage and stupidity.
    Sorry to say that….

  • Matt Evans 2 years ago

    “when I die don’t let me vote democrat” tee shirt. The lack of logic is stunning 🤯

  • Ralisa Lewis 2 years ago

    Only in Wisconsin

  • Hasib Ul Alam 2 years ago

    00:39 “he speaks the same truth that we believe.” that says it all.

  • Glenn Smith 2 years ago

    My sister’s an RN and we’re not speaking now. Really I wonder why

  • Meat Tooth 2 years ago

    their have always been suckers but these days it seem fashionable for GQP fools to advertise their buffoonery.

  • Chris Leone 2 years ago

    I guess Trumps theory was correct when he said something like, We built new fighter jets, that you can’t see, you can be standing right next to it and you can’t see it, guess that was the case for these invisible fighter jets that were flying over this rally 😆

  • B Bodziak 2 years ago

    Jordan is very quick-witted! That’s an incredible talent. I would love to see all of the footage they took that day!


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