The Mueller Report Tug-Of-War | The Daily Show

Published on April 9, 2019

Tensions rise as House Democrats demand to see Robert Mueller’s full findings and Attorney General William Barr fights back, while Roy Wood Jr.’s associate Leo Deblin offers a more decisive alternative to the Mueller report.



  • Yankees news Ok 2 years ago

    Ok that’s fine but thank you someone once said on one daily show video that I am dumb and I “grammatically grilled the daily show”. Thank you tho good talk and I say that because it is nice to talk with someone who can think.

  • Buddy Piper 2 years ago

    the less i know is the more i no.

  • Michael Avila 2 years ago

    This is as corrupt as a government can get. What a sham!

  • Brandon Kruse 2 years ago

    Liberals still crying about fake news. ?

  • Sy Guzman 2 years ago

    The Deblin Report ???

  • A.Stewart101 2 years ago

    Bunch of bs

  • Boned You 2 years ago

    I love the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert show.

    But today wasn’t funny for trevor.

  • IK Rico 2 years ago

    What statutes gives Barr the editing rights to decide what is compromising to an unindictable President and redact it. Russian interference and any cooperation from Trump’s campaign or admibistration are what American’s paid Mueller to find out.
    If Barr believes he has authority over Congress he needs to review the Ken Starr report and Watergate investigation both of which went entirely to Congress…good luck.

  • open eye's 2 years ago

    If we the people paid for a report we the people should be able to download the report . Presidents shouldn’t get a different set of rules. 30 million people

  • JanoschNr1 2 years ago

    First you hype for the report now you act like this wth!

  • Jacqueline Pride 2 years ago

    If he’s innocent then why are all his friends lying for him and going to jail – – they’re willing to risk it all even their freedom !! Oh that’s right he can pardon them !! ??‍♀️

  • killeing 2 years ago

    *The Less you know**

    The Trump Presidency in a nutshell.

  • Stenige Maldonado 2 years ago

    Barr’s is full of shit! ?

  • Ismael Aguilar 2 years ago

    I’ll use that tactic for my next book report

  • Jose Pena 2 years ago

    Color coded LIES!

  • Just-Passing-Through 11 2 years ago

    Yeah I need to buy Devlin Devlin report for many of my friends. The report hit a few people I know hard ?.

  • Moonlit 2 years ago

    Why does the report have to be redacted before its release? I get it if it’s to conceal sensitive/national security info. But other than that- f*** that. It’s gonna be a stupid dog and pony show. 2 years for nothing.

  • Fes Boh 2 years ago

    The “…you are cheating on me…” gal looking at the camera at 3:34 should have been edited out, else good job!!

  • Mihir Patel 2 years ago

    I recently won a $50 bet with my boss. I predicted Trump won’t be impeached or have any collusion, and that has happened. Guys just use your brains, Russia is not dumb enough to have their man out of power after years of planning.

  • blasianFMA 2 years ago

    Deblin report was WHACK


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