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Published on November 10, 2016

We’ve been through all the stages of grief in the past 24 hours. Next up: nasty women assemble.

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  • A54321 2 years ago

    Hahahaha Love the liberal tears

  • Austin Adams 2 years ago

    People annoyed by race baiters are the ones who turned the scale. And you
    Samantha are a race-baiter of the highest order

  • Lama Moha. 2 years ago

    thanks sam that was a great show! finally someone is not trying to excuse
    white supremacy as poor white middle class felt threatened for their
    existence so they elected an inexperienced sexist and xenophobe

  • WildwoodClaire1 2 years ago

    The problem is that the Democratic Party ignored the seething mass of
    undereducated, resentful, revengeful bubbas who fantasized that, if only
    they could put women and minorities back “in their place,” all those old
    factories and coal mines would bloom like an industrial garden of Earthly
    delights again and THEY would be back in charge, just as God intended.

  • River 2 years ago

    I’ve said this a hundred times, Pence is the one to be afraid of, not
    Trump. Just wait and see.

  • Jurij Fedorov 2 years ago

    Stop bitching about the loss and try to look into WHY people voted Trump.
    People are tired of Affirmative Action where white people get the short end
    of the stick even if they are more qualified. People are tired of being
    fired from their jobs because they happen to be male and the CEO wants more
    women. People are tired of poor people getting the short end of the stick
    while the elected officials get $200k a speech. Make the country fair and
    equal for all. Don’t make it even more unfair and unequal.

  • Death Unto Impunity 2 years ago

    yes, blame an entire race for everything wrong in the world. that’s the
    adult reaction

  • The True Gamerz Dynamite 2 years ago

    Her anti white men rhetoric isn’t really going to help swing that 63%
    around next election but whatever…

  • LazyBazooka 2 years ago

    “WHITE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME” This kind of rhetoric is exactly why Trump won.
    You liberals keep this up and Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  • Dun 2 years ago

    This women is pure evil. When will the race baiting end? Liberals are so
    mentally ill that everything to them is white vs black vs Asian vs etc.
    When Trump makes a speech about unity and all Americans sticking together,
    vengeful old hags like this are making it into a race issue.
    And the worst thing about it is she feels like she is sooooo much better
    then anyone else with her holier than thou attitude

  • Big Mouth Smurf 2 years ago

    I’m so glad the liberal mass media are showing their colors. They are
    sexist, and racist to white men, and women.

  • RichyDYupYup 2 years ago

    Anti white male racist propaganda got you into the very mess you are
    complaining about in the first place.

  • KURUPT KALHOON 2 years ago

    i am from germany and i think trump is a buffoon, but when i see these
    clips and hear the host blaming caucasian people because of their skin tone
    (which is a lot different than having a certain belief system like islam,
    because a) you cant change it b) its not significant) and hillary clinton
    only addressing little girls, but not little boys, and if this is a
    pattern, i can somewhat understand the white american male being upset.
    this is an eery tendency for a society that is supposed to be about

  • Grigory Zinoviev 2 years ago

    I think this video is the definition of race baiting.

  • ForNoOne1 2 years ago

    A lot of white people who voted for Obama voted for Trump this year. Racism
    isn’t the only reason Trump won this election.

    I’m not a white man, but I hate how Samantha attacks them. You don’t expand
    the rights of minorities by yelling at white people. Most of them are
    dealing with a changing economy that they don’t have a great future in, and
    on top of that, they are being told that they are the villains in a new
    world where minorities and LGBT people are the heroes. Then you brag about
    your writers’ room and it validates their fear that THEY are now the ones
    being discriminated against. That’s not equality – they are just the new
    target of discrimination.

    You seriously expect them to not be mad? Try to empathize and understand
    each other’s concerns, and maybe we won’t be stuck with a second Trump
    term, because it’s rhetoric like in this video that will surely guarantee

  • Allamericanlibertarian 2 years ago

    that moment you realize you cant warmonger in the middle east anymore and
    slaughter children.

  • allnotathome 2 years ago

    “Race baiting… race baiting… race baiting… race baiting”

    The libs just can’t stop themselves.

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    so bitter and salty…love it

  • WinSDFina 2 years ago

    Why is there still anti Trump propaganda? Why not unite together and try to
    work things out as one nation…

  • Sooner Admirer 2 years ago

    Race baiting shill doesn’t understand that we’re tired of liberal hypocrisy


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