The MAGA Hat Kid & Native American Veteran Controversy | The Daily Show



  • Beto0700 3 years ago

    Fucking Trump school ???????

  • Sum mer 3 years ago

    Thank you…stop lying…afaired my ass…just do better next time.

  • sandy ray 3 years ago

    God the amount of bullshit that came out your mouth Trevor is astonishing. The Native American dude literally walked up to the kids and got in their faces.

  • Sabra Kerr 3 years ago

    The Mega hat’s was the reason why the Hebrew Isrealites was mad.. It was a Native march. Not a Trump RALLY..

  • Mr. Motivation 3 years ago

    Awe got caught? Yep. There’s more they don’t own up to. But y’all got your vaccinations and laughter so who cares right?

  • Taylor Queensbury 3 years ago

    After seeing the whole video, I saw that the Natives had helped the Naive. Those Maga teens were a wing and a prayer from violence. Kids, if someone is verbally abusive to strangers beware. Please don’t go near them. Go home or go somewhere else. We have people in America consumed by hate. You can’t just look at someone and assume they are okay. Always judge by their actions. These people are not worth your time.

  • Socratic Method 3 years ago

    Damn!!!! Trevor Noah told the TRUTH, and didn’t spin his typical narrative!!! Just objective TRUTH?!? Holy shit…. I thought I’d never see the day. Well done sir, you just went up a notch in my book. ??

  • Peter-john De Jong 3 years ago

    Funny Trevor, how you still trash the schoolkids despite the fact that they were not the istigators, and not the black thugs or the lying indian….your anti white bias is obvious

  • TJ 3 years ago

    Jack Morrissey wants to put those kids into Wood chipper #FAKENEWS

  • Teh_D3th_St4r 3 years ago

    The MAGA hat is the new Swastika…

  • Username 3 years ago

    These where highschool students from a Christian school with adult Christian chaperones.

    And Christians wonder why people are leaving their faith in droves.

  • We The Animals 3 years ago

    This is what happens when you mix negative preconceptions, emotional reasoning and a lack of LISTENING: *Human stupidity. No matter which side!*

    People need to learn how to listen and think more, and talk less. Or at least yell less.

  • Necroglobule 3 years ago

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t blame these kids, but they’re also a symptom of a much bigger problem. The very culture of Covington Catholic school is toxic AF

  • gary cole 3 years ago

    These MAGA hats are symbolic expressions of hate and manic paranoia. Similar to a bigot who uses the code word “ American “. When separating himself from other U.S. citizens.

  • Mark Enriquez 3 years ago

    Trump winning the presidency has proven that it is natural for people to be divided. That it is unnatural and FAKE for everyone to have to think like Don Lemon, Noah, Jim Acosta, Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, etc. yet Lemon, Acosta, Colbert, the liberals etc. keep trying to drum it into everyone’s head that if you don’t think like they do then you’re wrong and you’re the enemy. Well I say to Lemon, Cortez, Acosta, liberals, etc. then I GLADY ACCEPT BEING YOUR ENEMY. LIBERALS have drawn a line in the sand and they are the enemy. Trump for me is not so much about supporting Trump, for me Trump symbolizes that I will not conform to the liberals way of thinking.Liberals each day by their insistence on everyone having to think like them has strengthened my resolve to be combative towards them because that is what their ways have created, but they are clueless to see they are creating enemies. I despise the snowflake, politically correct mentality.

  • walkfromthewaves 3 years ago

    He is absolutely right.

  • Sean Thinelk 3 years ago


  • Jon Smith 3 years ago

    Yea but there still racist because there white right and fuck em there Trump supporters so they are deplorable monsters right??

  • Squid SQuiddly 3 years ago

    Those kids were: Going to protest a woman’s right to choose when they are not old enough to even understand it all..They were in blackface for a basketball game screaming at a black player. In another photo they are flashing white power hand signals, and one of the team members the school loved raped a girl until she bled and told her it was her fault. These are NOT good people.

  • Matt Ranum 3 years ago

    You know it’s bad he has to side with the right just a little bit!!!! You guys are so stupid ! Everyone in here following this guy should really look deep within themselfs


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