The Madness Of Defending Roy Moore

Published on December 6, 2017

Roy Moore’s campaign staff and supporters perform logistical gymnastics to justify the accusations against their candidate.

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  • theguy2503 12 months ago

    oh god i’m here so early i don’t know the order of the monologue!

  • dale edwards 12 months ago

    only child supporting pedophiles support this asshole.

  • boonlincoln 12 months ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. The Madness Of Defending Roy Moore
    2. Trump Is Coming For Your National Monuments
    3. Russia Is Banned From The 2018 Winter Olympics

  • Joshua Wong 12 months ago

    Monologue order:
    1) The Madness Of Defending Roy Moore
    2) Trump Is Coming For Your National Monuments
    3) Russia Is Banned From The 2018 Winter Olympics

  • aishx 12 months ago

    Roy Moore protects fetuses, harms teenage girls

  • 223Drone 12 months ago

    Trump supporters are officially pro-pedophilia as long as those pedophiles support Trump.

  • Smug Chad 12 months ago

    When the supreme court voted in favor of same sex marriage , conservative christians were saying that liberals will soon start tolerating pedophiles….well here we are just three years later and its the conservative christians who are oppenly supporting a pedophile now !

  • something's nasty here 12 months ago

    Stephen you’re a sick funny shit!! I love how he mocks agent orange.😄

  • Heisenberg BrBa 12 months ago

    Roy Moore is that a gun in your pocket or you are excited to see a teenager.

  • Hylian Ticipated 12 months ago

    “Don’t forget to click—” **tabs out**

  • Brittany Carter 12 months ago

    I promise everyone in Alabama isn’t this stupid, Stephen!!!
    I’m going to do my part and go vote! I’ve encouraged all my friends to go do the same.
    I’m also trying to convince the republicans I know that the vote is on the 13th. 😂😂
    I love your show!! ❤️❤️

  • Ritapita73 12 months ago

    I live near Flake’s office. I might not flip it off the next time I pass by. He did the right thing. Kudos.

  • Robert Hayes 12 months ago

    If he wins I will be laughing my ass off.

  • New Message 12 months ago

    The ‘moral majority’. Asking you to vote for a pedophile because they think it is a lesser evil than electing a guy who jails church bombers.

    They aren’t even pretending anymore. I keep expecting them to just flat out hail Satan in the middle of their next press conference, and then hear their Evangelical base explain why Satan was actually the good guy because he HATED liberal minded ‘do gooders’.

  • Krombopulos Michael 12 months ago

    Republicans are tough on crime except for the crimes they like to commit.

  • Solen Ya 12 months ago

    Is being tough on crime code for being tough on black people?

  • fuck trump 12 months ago


  • Silk Saffron Brown Horse 12 months ago

    Khazars making fun of Christ agin per there Babylon Talmud
    Makes sense
    They sacrifice there own child and ours to Moloch

    Then mimic who we are as murderous identity thefts
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    Also a child sacrifice cult of Roman Senators in the Vatican
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    Duchamp sees into there infrathin


    Sense you asked

    Apparently Obama is a shadow president trying to provoke world war
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    He is a placeholder for there agenda that the Irish know all to well
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    Where did the Gaels of the Saturday sabbath keepers go?
    What is the Irish race?
    Who created the Irish race
    Yes your right
    The Roman senators in the Vatican threw there harassment warlord

    How is this all done
    Yes civil war
    Truth and falsehood on the one side falsehood and truth on the other
    Misery then when a sides are tired beyond tired
    Papal Supremacy and provided (truth)
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    Stranger things

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    Want a gummy bear?

  • CinnE 12 months ago

    17th!! And now, I will have coffee and a doughnut. ☕ 🍩

  • donjon bro 12 months ago

    Welcome to alabama we are pro pedophiles


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