The Light Show With Stephen Colb-Air – We’re All In This Together

Published on March 19, 2020

We’re all in this together. No red states or blue states. Just 50 anxious, pale states. This is a crisis that we have to face together… By staying as far apart as possible. #Colbert #Quarantine #Monologue

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  • Duke The Creator 2 months ago

    Why do the jockeys always celebrate.. like I know they were there and rode the horse. But the horse did all the work they were just the asshole slowing them down and whipping them telling them to go faster!! Lol

  • taytase 2 months ago

    “I read that on Facebook.” Best Trumpanzee quote of the millennium.

  • Justin Douglas 2 months ago

    1) Man, the bit about coughing on porn stars’ buttholes made me laugh more than anything else in the past few weeks, except the “chickens can’t afford umbrellas” trending on Reddit

    2) damn, Jon Batiste’s rendition of Pure Imagination at the end was SWINGIN’. Wish we could have heard the rest of it

  • Steve Lyford 2 months ago

    I thought this clown Colbert was deaf in his right ear?

  • Eden Starr 2 months ago

    Beautiful… Thanks guys. 🙂

  • ocean buoy 2 months ago

    I wish Stephen would broadcast more shows like this; the background noise of an audience and music sometimes hides how really talented his writers are.

  • Meshach Lovelace. 2 months ago

    Not buying airpods.

  • M 2 months ago

    Stephen Colbert for President 2024

  • Josias Vertiz 2 months ago

    Too bad we don’t believe that we don’t poop like I heard the people in North Korea believed of their leader, or was that just in the movie, anyway he doesn’t have to worry about toilet paper, he probably doesn’t have a toilet

  • My Opinion 2 months ago

    Thre is still red and blue. Ha;f of america is sheltering in place, and the trump supporters are telling us to go to restaurants and pubs, while their kids party on the beaches of florida.

  • Bill Reilly 2 months ago

    The beard looks good. Thanks for the home shows. They’ve been entertaining!

  • DAL MJAY 2 months ago

    4:31 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

  • Rick Ammon 2 months ago

    Donald Trump If you want America to forgive and forget it will require you, Donald Trump to admit that the spread of the virus and the failure to properly warn Americans of the seriousness of this crisis is your fault, to show genuine remorse for the deaths and hardship you have caused, and it will require you to resign! Then, and only then, can America begin to heal and begin to work together!

  • harlow jean 1975 deymonaz 2 months ago

    Im grateful for Colbert Show.
    Im tired of the non stop first world, anti vaccinate people, people who are to “conservative” to care about the sick.

  • justin castillo 2 months ago

    Dear Colbert: Attach a fundraiser to your online episodes. Kimmel has Red Cross, Trevor Noah has No Kid Hungry. Fallon has…Feeding America? Are there no more charities out there?

  • Kristina Schneider 2 months ago

    Omg did I absolutely need this.

  • Treefarm 2 months ago

    Very funny program. Fortunately there is a tree where I live that has large velvety leaves that can be used as toilet paper.

  • strikeslifer 2 months ago

    The col beard is resurrecting

  • Acceptance not defeat 2 months ago

    Just remember… if she doesnt find ya handsome, she might as well find ya handy…
    Anyone know this reference?

    We’re all in this together 🇨🇦❤

  • aslbyweller 2 months ago



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